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Things I Love Thursdays: not knowing something will work, but doing it anyway

Recently I signed up as an Arbonne Independent Consultant. It's been official for some time but I remained quiet whilst completing my training. However tomorrow night I am heading through to Dundee to make a bang with my launch. 

And by launch I mean six of my closest friends will be coming round to my other friends flat to listen to me and try out some products. But still my nerves are now kicking in. What if I spurt some incorrect information? What if the only attendee is the friend who's living room its in? What if no one likes the products? What if everyone roles their eyes? 

Oh chill, isn't this like Avon?

If you're not familar with Arbonne and its network marketing structure you might assume what I did when I was first approached that it is like being an Avon lady or an Ann Summers party planner (which I did almost become once). But it isn't. I could go round my neighbours with brochures if I wanted but the Arbonne opportunity is essentially having your own business. And like any business you have to work really hard at and put resources into it. And it could fail.

So you now understand my fear. I have put time and money into this. I am living in a way right now that most people refuse to (little money, little time) in hope that this opportunity allows me to eventually lead a life that most people can't. I believe in myself - and have demonstrated that plenty of times - but this is by far the scariest thing I've ever done and I'm feeling the fear. 

But I am choosing to swallow that fear.

This opportunity came to me after a soul-crushing week. At the risk of the wrong people reading this I am not going to put out there the details of why receiving the offer in my inbox just felt right, but I'll say I couldn't quite comprehend my thoughts at the time. I don't want to speak like some psychic voo-doo woman but back when I was 15 I was hitting myself for ignoring signs of 'fate' before it was too late. It may seem trivial because it involved a boy and I was a hormonal teenager but from that day onwards I promised myself if something feels like fate grab it with both fucking hands. And that's what I'm doing. 

If this doesn't work out, at worst I've lost the money I spent on business cards. If this does work out, at best I could be driving a Mercedes-Benz in a few years and have enough income to retire in my 20's.

I'm taking a deep breath and taking that chance...

morag | mo adore
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