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Month in Review: March 2013

Morag in British Sign Language

That's Spring now officially in! Today has been pretty sunny in Glasgow but it's still really chilly. I am a complete summer baby so cannot wait for the full on Scottish 'summer' to arrive, even if I am still waiting until June!

Anyway, we have self-improvement to discuss! In case you're new around these parts 'Month in Review' is when I sit down at the end of each month and see how well I kept to my resolutions. I've been doing this every year since my blog began and whilst I generally keep resolutions this feature tends to survive only until July. But I made my list pretty big this year so hopefully I'll always have loads to discuss!

This month I took big strides forward on my language goals. I'm charging through my French lessons at quite a face pace and find myself translating French business names and menus in European restaurants. I can now also finger-spell the entire alphabet in British Sign Language, as opposed to just my name, as well as picking up some new hand actions such as house and thirsty.

Bookwise I am now about a quarter of the way through the final book I already owned prior to the start of the year, allowing myself to start on my 'to read this year' list after I turn the final page. I have already purchased The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the first Vampire Diaries book, with the first being the one I'm likely to start reading first.

I've been pretty poor recently (apparently a graduate income and a council tax bill delayed by six months doesn't go well together, who knew?) so this has effected my ability to do a lot of my resolutions, whereas my new second job I have just landed will no doubt bring in money but leave less time for resolution keeping. We'll see how this all pans out...

It wasn't on my original goal list in January but this month I have found myself watching a lot of the TV shows I said I wanted to watch a long time ago, but never did. Right now I am re-working my way through Buffy and Sex & The City, both shows I have always been a fan of but have never managed to catch every single episode ever. Thus, you can't really say you're a big fan if you haven't seen every episode. I know how both of them end up but glad to be finding out exactly how it happens (I had never seen the episode when Angel becomes Angelus until last night - I'll never whine about my own boy problems again!). 

Lots of love & loads of happiness for April!

morag | mo adore
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