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Things I Love Thursday: European Living!

A sreenshot of the first slide for my mini-dissertation presentation in third year. 
Got myself an A - and enjoyed doing it *shifts eyes* 
(Obviously didn't spot my spelling mistake!)

This week the EU ban on animal testing came into force. When it was announced I wrote about my favourite points about being a cruelty-free individual. However in light of the ban coming into place I've decided to run through my other fav things about living on this continent (despite occasionally having the desire to move down under or significantly further west). 

I have a geeky interest in the EU. Okay, if I lived in Canada I might study the North American Free Trade Agreement, but I live in an EU state and being a former International Management student I have my impressive bank of knowledge ready to take on anyone who argues with me. 

I can travel to a wealth of foreign places minus a visa. I have been to most of Western Europe and my family aren't even spankingly rich. Because we don't need visas to travel in and out of most of Europe it means travelling is a hella of a lot cheaper for us Europeans than, say, New Zealanders (talk about back of beyond!).

We're freaking liberal. It's very possible that Australisia beats us to it, but let's not study that. I am very proud that we have set the world a standard on banning animal testing but I also really love how liberal we are generally. I do realise that Eastern Europe still has its conservative pockets but because of a shared government economically we have shared policies, most of which are forward-thinking.

We're slap bang in the middle of the map. Something I didn't like about growing up in Aberdeen was that it was the second most northern city of the UK. And I said earlier that I think New Zealand is the back of beyond. So yeah I have a weird thing about thinking cities that are far away from other cities are isolated, despite hundred of people. GMT+0 runs straight through Europe and helps me feel, well, not in the middle of nowhere. 

Eurovision. You know how some people plan Christmas presents in September? Well I begin planning my annual Eurovision party in February. I already know which country I want to be. ;) 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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