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Things I Love Thursday: Bye Bye Weight Gain

A few Thursdays ago I mentioned I was on a health kick and I was feeling great. This week I took a look at myself in the mirror and realised I was looking great (okay exaggeration, lets not get too egocentric!). 

I'm going to add a disclaimer before I startand say I am thoroughly aware that I am not overweight and have a body that the media tells me is correct (slim but still have boobies). I have been happy with my body for most of my life and have never toyed with the idea of cosmetic surgery. But a few months ago I noticed my body change.

Starting the 9-5 meant I began snacking at my desk and sharing nibbles with co-workers. It also meant I had little time to exercise - a run every Saturday doesn't exactly rival my training and rehearsals during my time with Abertay Dance. Looking back at photos from a year ago I could see a difference, not just in my body but also around my face and I put that down to some more puppy fat in the cheeks (plus I've become anal about the start of my eyebrow lining up with my tear duct). 

My weight gain wasn't obvious to anyone else but I was noticing clothes fitted differently and I just didn't feel great anymore. If I carried on, my extra pounds would multiply and become noticeable. 

I've cut out sweets and started bringing my own lunch to work every freaking day. I've also started making smoothies every morning to keep me full (blueberries, banana, raspberries, almond milk and oats keep a stomach grumble-free!) and became very accustomed to having a glass of water beside me at work. Though I still have a can of Relentless daily (I can't function otherwise) and a long day still calls for some flavoured vodka (YOLO and that). 

To the loss of puppy fat! And a salad!

morag | mo adore
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