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The Gig Audit: Gaslight Anthem & Japandroids

As you may be aware from my array of tweets and instagrams last night I was at one of the two Glasgow dates for The Gaslight Anthem. And judging by the "OMG JEALOUS" responses I would say, yes, you were aware. 

Admittedly I am not a humongous fan of TGA, having only discovered them near the end of last summer. Please don't hit me you super-super-big-fans who never got tickets! I bought my ticket when I was still in a bit of high having discovered a new band I actually liked (my music taste is slightly stuck in 2004) but by the time the gig rolled around three months later they were slipping further and further down my Spotify starred playlist.

But I am so fucking glad I went.

Those guys can own a fucking stage. And their fans can own the fucking 02.

I'm a hard nugget to please when it comes to live performances. I roll my eyes at artists that lipsync and believe a good guitar riff mean little if you don't have this thing called stage presence. But The Gaslight Anthem more than lived up to my standards. They have stage presence, the lead singer sounds like he does on the records, they get on with the music instead of pissing about with prissy props, and they like a good bit of crowd interaction. And good crowd interactions, such as Dave Grohl impressions and discussing Instagram. Not 'HELLO GLASGOWWWW'.

Oh and the bit when I mentioned their fans can own a concert hall? If you do go see them and your ability to bruise is along the lines of that simile about the peach, I suggest you get a sitting ticket. I stood about four rows back center right, by the time it finished I was two rows back center left. And I lost count of how many crowd surfers there were. I believe the music made the sweat, cigarette breath and holding my phone in a very overly-protective manner worth it, but I know everyone else would agree.

They finished with Teenage Wasteland (okay, Baba O'Riley) and there is very few better feelings than hearing a song you've held as a favourite for years being sung all of three feet away. 

If you are a fan you should completely utterly definitely go to one of their live shows. I attended as a somewhat fan but list it as one of the best gigs I've ever attended.

And that support act?

I am terrible at checking who the support act will be prior to a gig. I can't remember a single gig where I knew who the support act was before they came on stage. I've even on occasion forgotten that concerts have support acts until I actually got there. 

So imagine my delight when I discover the support act was a band I already knew of? Japandroids were a band I discovered via Spotify around the turn of the year and I was even speaking to my friend about them whilst we were unknowingly waiting for them to come on. Know else seemed to know what was going on though. 

I will admit that sound really let these guys down. I love that you can hear the drums at a concert (the only instrument I've ever had any luck playing) but not when it overpowers the guitar and vocal chords. I was struggling to work out the lyrics, even though I knew the lyrics. 

Saying that they did reach my stage presence expectations. Plus they had a glittery blue drum kit, which is always good.

I did take videos which in due course should be up on my YouTube misc channel

morag | mo adore
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