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Things I Love Thursday: Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day people! Woooo! Can I get a fist pump? No? Okay. 

I get there's a lot of people out there, loved-up couples and single pringles alike, who hate this day. I am not one of them. I love Valentine's Day.

Okay so I love most annual holidays (as we probably know) but Valentine's would probably appear within the top 5. But why I hear you say! It's commercialised, and so much pressure plus, Morag, you haven't been coupled up on V-Day since 2010. Settle down. 

Okay so yes, I won't be going for romantic dinner with a hot man tonight. But meh, I still like it. Regardless of my relationship status I think a day dedicated to showing the person you love them that you oh-so-do-so is really really effing lovely.

General criticism of St Vaddy's Day? You should be showing your love to your other half every day. Well, yes, I 100% agree! Your romantic partnered needs reminded of your special feelings in order to remain loved-up. But still, what's wrong with having a date on the 14th of February?

This is where I put on a similar hat to when I defend making life changes at the beginning of each year, instead of July. When in a relationship I don't forget his birthday and hurl daily abuse at him then come the 14th of February each each I decide to actually show him that I love him. I just think Valentine's is a day when you can really show it - go out somewhere nice, buy each other something special and just generally feel special. Remember rediscovering love? Valentine's seems like a great time to do it. 

But it's also commercialised! Okay, it is. But I am a fashion blogger who works in marketing so I think we can say commercialisation doesn't bother me.

And remember singletons, Valentine's doesn't just have to be about a romantic partner. Show your gran you love her, or hang out with your single BFF, or show yourself some love! Remember the most important relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself. Show it some love!

I for one will be going home after work to give my widowed Grandmother a call then heading out to a burlesque show with some friends. Norm. 

Lots of Clinton cards and stuffed teddy bear love!

morag | mo adore
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