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Things I Love Thursday: My New Health Kick

It's no secret that I love food. And by that I mean most foods. Aside from the no meat thing I'm always looking for new foods and recipes to try (fun fact: when I did eat meat I went to Peru and eat a guinea pig HAH!). And by recipes I mean the healthiest things and also the really really worst (I do so much in one day because I consume more caffeine than should be acceptable).  

I was generally quite healthy until I entered the 9-5 at a desk job because that's when snacking can really catch up with you. And then the sweet tooth really hit me and on my weekly shop it became really difficult to walk by the sweet isle or not grab a frozen pizza. I had been healthy most of my life (even having given up junk food for about 5 months once) so I never imagined myself beoming someone who had to restrain themselves. 

I'm fairly naturally skinny only ever having been a size 12 at my largest even when I took classes at a school near a McDonalds. But recently I began to notice that my size was creeping up again after having been slipping into size 8 clothes last summer. It isn't noticeable to other people but I could see that bumps were forming and my formally toned arms were losing their muscle. 

I know that I am certainly not large by any means. But these slight changes in my body were the wake-up call that I needed to change back to my old healthier ways now before I did begin to hit the overweight margin. Everyone's optimal dress size and weight is different (don't believe the BMI hype) and I certainly was edging away from what was healthy for me. I aim to be healthy and recently I really hadn't been. 

In the last few weeks I've been making a conscious effort to drink more water and my skin has been so thankful for it. I'm also keeping fruit at my desk instead of crisps and I feel so much less bloated and concentrate so much better. I'm also taking in my own lunch (make double portions for dinner and keep the rest for lunch!) so I now know where everything is coming from. Already I feel good!

Also I've given up ice-cream (and Pinterest!) for Lent. That is much more difficult than you think. 

morag | mo adore
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