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Things I Love Thursday: Edinburgh!

As mention twice within the past week already on Saturday I took a wee trip across to Edinburgh. Also mentioned just once was that I really do quite like Edinburgh (admitedly not as much as Glasgow). 

Growing up Edinburgh was my favourite Scottish city, but that could easily just have bene because it was the one I visited the most. I remember a few of my visits growing up - my favourite story is when I insisted on going on a ghost tour when I was 11 with my mum and then ending up fainting as I didn't want to admit I was scared!

When researching post-university jobs it was a close contender for somewhere I could move to which had plenty of marketing agencies that might pay me money to faff about online all the time. But in the end I obviously chose Glasgow. 

I still do have my love affair for Edinburgh though. With several friends living in Edinburgh an excuse to visit is usually frequent and it is rare for me to pass up the opportunity. My love for Glasgow has come about because it is edgy and oozes coolness. Plus, it is Scotland shopping capital. However Edinburgh has a very romantic feel with coobled streets and independent boutiques. Plus, that castle, let's not forget the castle. And posh universities. I ocassionally feel as though I'm walking through a small Scottish town, rather than a Scottish city.

Oh, and amazing nightlife. My one trip to The Hive in 2011 was no doubt one of my favourite nights out ever. Maybe because they played Sonof Dork. Never have I came across a duff nightclub in Edinburgh. Unlike Aberdeen (cough, Priory) or Dundee (cough, Fat Sams, cough, Dundee Union).

Three cheers for my second favourite Scottish city!

morag | mo adore
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