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Month In Review: January

Who remembers this blog series? No one? Okay. It was created right when I very first started my blog but always fades out nearing the middle of the year, every year. It was designed as a way to keep track on my resolutions and yearly to-do list. 

And I'm going to try it again. Hopefully it might work better this year as I have set myself quite the to-do list

The pictures above is seen as 'proof' that I have worked on three of my goals. Firstly I have purchased two of the books I would like to read (but haven't started - still getting through the boring book I began at some point last year). Then there's the money bank which was a gift from my aunt at Christmas. I thought this was so tacky when I received it and believed it had no place in my home but I've decided it will become my official piggy bank for spare change at the end of each week. And then will be hopefully turned into a tattoo - or PC parts, one or the two. But I'm leaning towards a tattoo. Then lastly the garden seeds and the fork are me getting ready for my summer of fun, sun and growing my own vegetables. Don't anyone tell you I don't live life on the edge. 

Other than what is in the photos I have written two blog post on my 'professional blog' (still working in the co-branded blogger part) - one on my professional resolutions and the other on landing a marketing job when my degree wasn't in marketing (and a 2:2 at that!). I'm also planning on booking my Photoshop evening class right after I hit publish. 

Every other goal is at a bit of a standstill. 

Other little changes I've made this month:
Me and the flatmate curated our own cleaning rota // I'm making a conscious effort to drink more water // My weekly shop was changed around // I took lunch to work every day this week // I rearranged my bedside table // I'm closer to owning all the Berry M nail colours // Made really strong effort for a friends birthday present // Bought my very first foundation brush // Started taking my make-up off at night // Unwrapped candles and placed them about my bedroom - never lit them but having them out their packet already creates a nicer ambiance! 

Lots of January love!

morag | mo adore
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