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In This Week

I was certain that this week would just a be a same old kind of week, but did any of you other Glasgow bloggers witness the sunshine? Being the true Brit I am I saw this above freezing temperature as a reason to wear a denim jacket and go for a stroll. Then come home and cook dinner with the balcony door wide open.   I really love sunshine and it brings such a lease of life to me when I can sense Spring coming forward. 

I was originally going to head out today to pick up some new tights and do the weekly shop (woooo!) but decided to jaunt into Merchant City to spy up some non high-street stores. Every other time I've ventured into Merchant City it's been on a horrible wet or cold day & I maybe didn't appreciate the amazingness of the East End of Glasgow. There are lines of cafe and restaurants with balcony's and outdoor seating which in the sunshine gave it some European charm and allowed me to reminisce of some travels. I'm still like a kid on Christmas when it comes to discovering new nooks within Glasgow. 

Also, I added to my bedroom decor this week in the form of a cuckoo clock. Yes, a cuckoo clock. Which I have placed right above my bed. We may in time discover this was a mistake. But so far every time that little bird comes out to chirp I grin like a weirdo.  

Also, I went to my very Burlesque show this week. I'm planning to give the troop a full write up as I totally recommend going to see them if you can.

Lots of Merchant City & chirpy bird love!

morag | mo adore
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