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In This Week

Please excuse my awkward face in the photo above - I bought my Gran a family photo frame for her Christmas and it was decided a fresh photo of me would be taken while I visited this weekend. I don't ever like photos my parents take of me as I always look awkward and they have very little skills at composition etc. But my DLSR is in Glasgow with my photos from the week so this will have to do. 

I have a dentist appointment near my parents house tomorrow (anyone know any NHS dentists in Glasgow?) so took a long weekend off work to come up and also stop by Dundee for a night out with the uni friends still there (hence no Linkables this week). We popped along to my all time fav club in Dundee, Kage, which I've yet to find a Glasgow replacement for. Alternative music, generally free of creepy males, good door and drink prices plus a friendly atmosphere as it's small and many of the goers are 'regulars' that you begin to recognise. Any long term Glasgow dwellers have any suggestions for that Kage shaped hole in my life? 

I'm still dreading the photos going up on Facebook. Of me busting out my best moves - which included an air guitar whilst on my knees. 

I also stopped by my most beloved Dundee boutique, Maggie's Farm, on my way to the train and picked myself up a beaut of a ring, even if having a knuckle duster of the seven dwarfs is completely impractical in most situations. I reckon I might give my Dundee Delights series a bit of a revival after this weekend. 

Much, much knuckle duster and alternative club love! 

morag | mo adore
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