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In This Week

Did we all hear the excellent news that the EU are going to follow through on banning testing on animals for both made in the EU and imports? Can we not all agree this is excellent? Fist pump!

In non-animal testing news, my flatmate celebrated her birthday on Friday but chose to see it in quite quietly.  However this gave me a good excuse to practice my present buying skills. Not that I'm pandering for new bezzies or anything but I love to spoil people and go all out at Christmas and birthdays (and Valentine's in case any hot men are reading!).

And isn't the wrapping paper lovely? It's from Joy in the Buchanan Galleries. And inside the two wrapped presents is a hot water bottle with an owl on it and a keyring with a ice scraper for your car (also from Joy in the Buchanan Galleries).

Next weekend should see me partying in Dundee for the first time since August so I headed out to source out a new outfit. I placed my very first order with Bonnie Bling and the whole outfit is getting worked around that necklace. And I decided it required a LBD - and truthfully I don't own many of them! So I went to Primark to pick up a plain black floaty dress and also picked up some new earrings in H&M. I rarely wear earring as my ear lobes are pierced weirdly (read: Claire's Accessories at age 13) but I was Facebook stalking someone who had quite the collection (don't stalk people kids, it's wrong!) and felt inspired to give earrings another try. If not at least when I do decide to wear them I'll have a large collection to choose from. 

Lots of European Union love and that!

morag | mo adore
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