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Things I Love Thursday: Resolutions

If you've been a follower of Mo'Adore for at least a week you've probably already become acquainted with the idea that I love big old resolution. Or nine as I decided on Tuesday. Most of the internet makes them (if my bloglovin' feed is anything to go by) but then the other part of the internet feels the need to pull all the goal-setters and list-makers down with them. I'm here today to explain why plotting for a new year is pretty much my favourite hobby & tell the nay-sayers to put a sock in it! 

I didn't really do the whole resolution thing when the teachers made me. Heck I was ten and didn't really know the endless possibilities that life had. It was something that began to creep in about 2010. I didn't have a big infinity moment in December 2009 - but my main resolution that year "be more sociable" was brought on because my then relationship was fast approaching its close & despite having promised myself I wouldn't be one of 'those' couples that were never apart, I sort of became one half of them. I realised I was alone if it ended. Which it did. 

Then 2011 I made a ton of resolutions - and this blog was one of them. 2010 went on to be a pretty shit year (but I did make a lot more friends) and was possibly the kick up the ass that I needed that I wasn't happy and needed to start becoming someone I was happy to be. Come the end of 2011 I was happier than I had ever been and had an excellent relationship with myself. 

When I finished university last July so many people remarked on how far I had come from being that shy little 17 year old. Anyone want to know my secret? I made goals and stick to them! Many of them made at the beginning of the year, and sometimes more made at the beginning of each academic year. 

You do get people who remark "why wait for the new year?" If you want to make a change just do it. Very true, if I have a eureka moment in July I'm not going to sit and tap my foot until January. But the new year does have symbolism. It gives you a start date and an end date to your goals that can't be extended if you slack off. 

There are people who don't want to make resolutions - and that's cool. I make a point to never judge someone's lifestyle unless it' harmful to themselves or others. And even then I keep unsolicited comments to myself. If someone wants to live a quiet life then that is fabulous and none of my business. I just leave them to it.  But I'm the opposite of simple - I tried being simplistic but I was unhappy. I like glitter, travel, going-overboard at Eurovision and trying to balance 20 things at once. I'm not built for the quiet life. 

If you've ever wanted to be more of an achiever, a bit more adventurous or just know something isn't quite right in your life, maybe you should consider joining me on the resolution preacher brigade. 

Lots of goal-setting love!

morag | mo adore
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