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Things I Love Thursday: Rediscovering Love

No matter much we loved something when we first laid eyes on it - a new house, a nightclub, romantic partner or in my case, a new city - we usually get into a routine, forget why and lose that special feeling. Towards the end of 2012 I felt that about Glasgow. Despite all the gushing I did when I first moved here I orientated myself with the city centre and when you're working a full time job with a ton of hobbies on the side like I am, you're not likely to go outrageously exploring. And I began to get bored and I began getting that itchy feet feeling that is all too common for someone with my short attention span.

Roll in the new year I decided I wasn't going to be the twat who took a train to work when they could walk  it in the same amount of time. My landlord showed me the route and I walked it home one night to discover it felt the same as the walk from my old university to my final flat in Dundee. The beauty of this was that I got to see another part of Glasgow I had previously neglected. At night; all lit up. I'm a city girl through and through and I find very few things more beautiful than a brightly lit city at night. Without divulging exactly where I work and live my route let me see the SECC, BBC Scotland studios (and stand there guessing which floor they film on) and the Clyde Arc. Which obviously puts me along the Clyde and as a water baby this filled me up. Seeing a new part of Glasgow refreshed my brain and reminded me of when I walked out of Queen Street station in 2011 and just knew that was where I wanted to live.

I have a short attention span which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does occasionally allow me to get bored with places, projects and material goods and forget what it was all about in the first place. My flat is beautiful but I also found myself lusting over Charlene's flat recently having to remind myself that mine may not have an open brick wall but putting down the deposit was one of my best moments of 2012. Me and my flatmate has promised each other that personalising our flat is a priority and I am heading to Braehead this weekend for home decor fun times. 

Even if you're attention span isn't as small as mine, remember to switch things up. Rearrange your bedroom, go somewhere new for your girls holiday, take your partner to a different restaurant and act like it's your first date all over again, take your dog to a different park for a walk. Anything that allows you to switch up and remember what it was about that flat/friend/boyfriend/dog that you fell madly for in the first place. 

Lots of fresh new love people!

morag | mo adore
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