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Things I Love Thursday: Being a Grown Up

Despite having entered the 9-5 three months ago it has recently hit home that I am now a grown-up. I have responsibilities. Sometimes a marketing decision at work sits solely on my shoulders. It also hit me recently that summer won't be full of adventure but sitting in an office discussing branding and mobile websites. And then there was the monumental moment of selecting our flat hoover (adults don't just select any old hoover). 

But despite my 'almost a quarter of a century' jokes I do all in all prefer adult life. I don't pander much for my life as a 16 year old or my days as a brace-faced fresher. As scary biscuits as responsibility can be (especially work related ones) I'd much rather have freedom than having to live with someone else's rules. I am stubborn and have always been independent for my age. I still have a boss and a landlord but at least parents and teachers can't linger over me. 

One of the reasons I didn't get my tragus done until I was 22 and am only now planning my first tattoo is because my parents hate them and I've been raised to think anything other than ear lobe piercings are socially unacceptable. I think we can tell I've rebelled. Or I became financially independent, moved out and grew a pair. 

Overall, I'm far happier as an adult. I didn't have a rough ride as a teenager but I'm much happier with my adult style, own flat, straight teeth and no longer having to endure Shakespeare and trigonometry  I'm much more secure in my own skin, which usually does come with age. My advice for awkward teenagers is that it should pass and you just need to see out these few years. 

Much love to adult life, but maybe not the council tax part.

morag | mo adore
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