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Stuck for resolutions? Here are my previously successful ones

We're now 5 days into 2013 and by now you've probably all seen a gazillian resolution posts. I put mine out there on new years day itself (oo, organised ) but some people may be sitting scratching their heads at what they could possibly do with this year.

As a chronic resolution maker I have plenty of experience in goal-setting and achieving all the things. In fact I'm pretty adept at seeing my resolutions through.

Okay so I don't keep them all. Do yoga every morning? I'm getting my extra five minutes. And I'm still not that good at letting go of the past. Plus I still didn't see anymore of Dundee in the months prior to leaving last July. But I do tend to keep them.

Here are some of the goals I've followed through on:

Go vegetarian
Probably one of the most notable changes I've ever made (given the amount of questions I get asked about it...) and one of the best I've ever made. I've said before that I would never force someone to give up meat but I've had so many questions from people who say they would like to become veggie but don't feel they can, or even someone who said they would put the beef aside if they thought about it too long. A large part of this blog is now dedicated to vegetarianism and is therefore proof that it isn't some impossible feat. I'm not going to say it's easy as it may occasionally invite unsolicited questions, cause you to pull out of someone's birthday at a steakhouse or explain why you can't drink a martini.

Learn to cook
All those fancy Instagram photos of my daily meals? Until the start of 2012 I was mainly living off cheese pizzas. Specifically my goal for 2012 was 'become more interestingly vegetarian' and judging by the amount of likes I get on my food photos I'm going to say I've achieved it. This goal applies for both veggies and meat eaters as I know some meat-eaters who make my diet look varied and exciting. I've said before but one of the best beginner cookbooks (and my daily go-to) is Vegetarian Nosh for Students. Go buy it! There's also a 'normal' one...

Switch up my beauty regime to include more natural products
Prior to 2011 I had owned about three Lush products ever. Fast forward to the end of 2012 I know the range as well as some of the staff. If you're a spotty acne sufferer like myself switching up your products to natural ones may be your holy grail too.

Enjoy being single and remain so until the correct person comes along
Anyone who has met me within the past two years may think I'm ridiculously hard to take off the market. Anyone who has known me longer than two years probably knows why. I used to be a settler and it took a really bad break-up in 2010 to realise this. Since then I promised myself I'd only get into relationships with someone who truly deserved me. I've been single so long now that I'm so used to it I am becoming genuinely difficult to take off the market. 

Don't stalk people you used to date or those you hate
For some reason it seems to be human nature to take note of what our exes or those we dislike are up to. Exes I understand, but people we dislike? For some reason we do. At the start of 2011 I decided the only person this was hurting was myself and the time I was wasting on these people's Facebook was time I could be using making myself happy. We all have people we dislike and it's best to stay out their way. We can't delete people off Facebook without some drama but did you know you can play with your settings so certain individuals won't show in your news feed? In my experience if you can control yourself not to look at someone's profile for two weeks then you're in the clear and you're habit is broken.

Stop moaning on Facebook and posting pointless statuses
It is your Facebook account and as long as it breaks none of the company's policies you are free to post what you like. But don't question why you're not being overcome by party invites if you feel the need to bitch about being stuck in traffic or publicly slander your ex. After a bad day pick up the phone and have a good whine to your mum/sister/best friend/boyfriend, then have a long hot bath.

Stand your ground & stick up for yourself
Admittedly I'm still no fierce individual. But in comparison to last year I've seen an improvement. Honestly, it's still only situations in which I have to stick up for myself such as nagging a landlord for the return of deposits or telling that guy who has been chasing you that you know he has a secret girlfriend. I still have to give myself a pep talk or receive one from someone else. And I'll usually choose the medium of writing rather than in person.

Develop a good relationship with oneself
When I entered 2011 I was ringing in the bells as a single person for the first time since the eve of 2008. And I was a long way off becoming ready for anything new and I certainly wasn't fulfilling the 'love yourself first or no one else will' matra. Plus I was reading a lot of Gala Darling at the time. It was a crucial time to sit down for a one-to-one with myself and figure out who I was, what I liked about myself and what I really wanted. There's no quick fix for this but fast forward to the close of 2012 and I like how I look, am confident in my abilities, and believe I lead a magical life. You could be here with me in 2013.

Own your own life
Possibly the most important decision I have ever made, and the most important you'll ever make, if you choose to make it. If you choose to dedicate 2013 to loving yourself you'll have to take control of your life. I'm a firm believer in not judging other people's life choices if they are no harm to anyone else. I long to live in a world where nobody is judged for their own personal decisions, but if people keep hiding who they are or don't do something due to fear of judgement how will that ever happen? Whether you want a quiet life, a big noisy 100mph life, blue hair, a massive tattoo sleeve, your first baby by 25, or to never have kids, go straight into the workforce after school or get three degrees. It's your life, own it. 

Much love to whatever 2013 takes you!

morag | mo adore
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