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In This Week

This weekend my parents made their way down to Glasgow with a voucher my mum managed to get for a swanky hotel! And then went out to Strata on Queen's Street with another voucher. Quite the money saver my mum is! Strata was nice albeit maybe a bit posh for me with the small portions for somewhat big prices - I'd rather take a big portion that is okay rather than a small but divine portion. I'm thinking of writing up a full review as it has been requested I write more about food but I can't write recipes as most of the meals you see on my Instagram were'n't made using my own recipe.

And then I made great use of my parents having their car down for the weekend and headed out to IKEA and Dobbies in Braehead for some homeware shopping. Unfortunately I didn't find much given that my room already has a purple French theme when I moved in and it was difficult picking living room furniture without my flatmate there. Dobbies, which I can usually get lost in for hours, didn't have much that I felt I needed in my life now! I only picked up some matching plates and glasses for the flat and a few seeds ready for Spring when I start working on my balcony garden.

And the main reason my parents came down was so we could go a mini-trip to Kilmarnock where a lot of my dad's side of the family still live. Want a fun fact? My Grandad came from Knockinlaw. You know, where The Scheme was filmed. Thankfully none of my family live there now and visited some of my dad's uncles, aunts and cousins in a slightly nicer part. And got drunk - when you visit your relatives who are all over 70 you don't expected to get loaded on wine and rum but that's what happened and I ended up with a spinning head whilst sitting on my train back up to Glasgow!

Lots and lots of Knockinlaw love!

morag | mo adore
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