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30 April 2012

Month In Review: April

Month in Review is where I sit down with those pesky resolutions and decide how far I've gotten with them all. Each month has a theme that I'm meant to stick to, but naturally that doesn't happen all that often...

This months theme was to start my final coursework preparations now instead of waiting until May rolled in. I only have one coursework left and I am proud to say I have started it, albeit yesterday. It's hard to believe that it is just this 4000 words that stands between me and my degree. After that it's all over; and I'm not lying when I say I'm glad. Whilst entering the 9-5 is terrifying I am done with academia! I don't foresee any Masters or postgraduate courses in my future! Maybe the odd college course to "top-up" a skill but no more essays for me thankyouverymuch!

Due to some financial difficulties in March I wasn't able to keep on track of all my monthly plans however this year my "general" resolutions have been going very well!

Be more "interestingly vegetarian"
Gone are the days of eating cheese pizzas! Just today my mum was talking to me about my trip home next week and proudly she had said she remembered to buy me vegetable fingers. Which I don't eat anymore. Why? I now know how to cook a variety of vegetarian dishes - with me even branching out into my own recipes! Expect a new type of blog series coming soon, or even my own dedicated food blog!

No ordering takeaway pizza no matter how lazy I feel (£12 for a pizza? No thanks!)
When I do eat junk it's home-cooked junk!

Learn to stand my ground
Still needs some work. I still give off a "cute" edge to many so it's now a case of making sure people realise that I'm being serious when I raise my voice. And not letting my physical appearance allow people to assume I don't mean business

Don't take on anymore projects
If you were sitting with me right now you'd see me shuffling my feet and looking at the ceiling. I took on a new project in late February that saw me re-designing the website of a local mental health organisation which has been a lot of work. Mainly because the people involved don't have a scooby about marketing (they work in mental health as do my parents and I barely trust my parents with Microsoft Word) plus me and the designer had issues finding a programmer. But it's back on track and it's directly related to what I want to do post-graduation. So there! 

Get to bed earlier even if I don't have to be anywhere the next day! 
Work in progress....

How has your April been?
Morag x

29 April 2012

In This Week

This week have been plentiful. On Tuesday night I went out with my dance girls to a lovely little cafe Lily & Stone which was a much needed break from studying and essay writing! I just have the final part of my honours project left which is on the impact of the Human Resource of an organisations competitive sustainability. HR isn't the dryest of business areas but having been stuck with an honours project instead of a dissertation where I get to pick my topic makes me regret my degree choice.

On Wednesday I was also out for a friends birthday. I was only planning to go out for a few at the first bar but was talked into going to Liquid and ended up there in my regular day clothes. It was hardly my gym attire but I still felt a bit out of place in my vain little way against the girls in dresses and heels. 

I've also found a new food obsession. Every time I make something with a tomato sauce, such as a casserole, I had Tabasco Sauce. Not as spicy as say turmeric, but still gives an extra kick. 

Also, not in the photos because my main PC if effing up and my DLSR pictures are there, I also made some gooey fudge brownies this week and have finally planted my windowsill chives! If I ever own my own house and garden there would be a dedicated vegetable patch! My dad has liked the idea of growing our own food (we have a few herbs being grown in the garden) but as my dad has back issues a full on greenhouse is out the question. I had an ex who's parents even had chickens and I was really jealous! 

How has your week been?

Morag x

26 April 2012

Things I Love Thursdays #25

Bonjour, it's been a while since I've ran off a list of things that have made me grateful each week but this week I feel I particularly need it! I'm not going to sit and whine on my blog as to what has happened as in the grand scheme of things it's fairly simple and certainly doesn't beat some other incidents that have happened in my past. 

My fist graduate job interview
Today I got the news that on Tuesday I am going to be sitting in my very first graduate job interview. It's for a digital marketing company in Dundee and I meet all the requirements so hopefully this will see me not having a large unemployment gap after student life ends. Even if I don't get the job then this it is still interview practice and that's always a good thing! 

The realisation that you really are going somewhere really exciting soon 
It's really hitting me now that in less than two months I will be sitting on a plane heading to Cape Town then Livingston (the Zambian one, not Mid Lothian). Might have a lot to do with picking up my injections today but it's only now it's all setting in. Whilst there I will be fulfilling one of my main life dreams of diving with the Great White Shark. As scary as it is realising that this really happening I am an adrenaline junkie who looking forward to this!

Remembering why you began your course in the first place
I've had doubts over my course over my year's at university but recently remembered the reasons why I started and feel it becoming part of my identity again. Now that I've worked out more of my future I can see that it all worked out well. 

I'm loved by a lot of people
A bit of a generalisation but this week I've been really reflective that I'm loved by lots, have a good relationship with my family and am well-liked by acquaintances. Which is more than can be said for the person who caused some emotional hurt this week. Karma is sweet!

That feeling when you like who you are and wouldn't change it despite someone's attempts to
Nothing beats it.<3

Morag x

25 April 2012

Dundee Delights: Lily and Stone

Dundee Delights is a series I've been wanting to get on the go for a while now. Dundee is not the most glamours or metropolitain of places (though admittedly Scotland as an entirity doesn't have that image either) but inbetween the Cash-Converters and Tesco Metros lie a few golden gems. 

The first one I'm going to talk about today is the cafe Lily & Stone just opposite the Overgate shopping centre.

My main course, dessert and my own bought wine!

I eat here just last night for a private meal for everyone in my university dance team. It's a small place so it was just one long table set up for the evening. The place has a very casual atmopshere and a book shelf with magazines in the corner. The meal was already set out with chilli for most and Tuscan Bean Stew for the veggies, like myself. For dessert it was a brownie which tasted like chocolate orange and was one of the best foods I have put in my mouth for a while, along with some cream. Before dinner there was bread on the table and throughout garlic bread was served. All this was £6 which was amazing value! They also allowed us to bring our own booze but had to be drinks that were already mixed which I imagine had a lot to do with licensing laws.

I did look across at the menu on the wall and it was very 'cafe'-esque food with paninis, baguettes and salads. I spotted some vegetarian options on the menu that were just as interesting as their meat companions. Admittedly not loads of options but at least enough that you would find something. Though on inspection on their site if you're vegan you're limited to not much above a side bowl of olives.

Lily & Stone is a quiet albeit small cafe in the middle of Dundee. It has a old fashioned charm about it with its decor whilst serving food of the Mediterranean style.


Morag x 

23 April 2012

In This Week

I did take some extra photos this week on Instgram with the sheer intention fo allowing this post to be slightly less food-related but my PC is being very temperamental right now and I'm scared that it will crash whilst I'm writing this! 

It's only just now uploading my DLSR photos that I've noticed that this week's food them seems to have been very pasta related! Firstly, I have a spicy raisin risotto, then there is cauliflower rice, then a vegetable lasange then a basic risotto to finish off with (it was leeks, mushrooms and onions in there!) 

The cauliflower rice in the middle is not in fact rice. It's actually cauliflower that has been in a food processor which then becomes a rice substitute. I don't own a food processor so had to mash it up the traditional way but I have to say the flavours in there were superb and it was one of the best dishes I have had in a long time! The recipe was from, a blog from someone I've been following for a very long time! If you're into adventures, fashion (albeit American) and food then this well and truly up your street! 

Also two of these ingredients include leeks, a vegetable I haven't really ever tried much before. However despite using it in a lasange and a risotto I can say I probably won't try it again. Leeks are very much joining my small list of foods I won't eat (alongside every-type-of-meat ever). Aside from my whole no-meat morals thing there isn't many foods I wouldn't eat - as long as an animal didn't die then it's usually all fine. 

This week (not pictured) I attended the NUS Women's conference on behalf of my university's Student Association. Whilst I wouldn't call it *fun* it was informative and I met some really nice and ambitious women. If you follow me on Instagram (or Twitter) then you may have spotted my "I am the pro-choice majority badge" and I urge that if you are part of the pro-choice majority to get your name on this. Surveys have shown that the majority of UK citizens support the woman's right to choose however there's a small minority aiming to fight that - in some individuals it's no abortion regardless of the situations (yes, even rape!). It may be a minority right now but it could grow and that's why urge , if you are pro-choice and in the UK, to get pledging your support!

Morag x

17 April 2012

How I Looked: Swirls and Hues

A few things about this:
1. I still haven't got used to my DLSR when it comes to self-portraits and believe I need a different lens for these shots.
2. Ignore my grubby carpet
3. Also, ignore the way my shoelaces are tied.

All in all though this is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe right now. I bought it a month ago for the speed dating adventure I went on. Whilst I didn't secure any romance in this dress I still get compliments whilst wearing it. I've been wearing it today and got called "cute". I bought it from H&M on a quick whim as I really needed to buy a dress for that event within the next hour but I am really happy with this. Admittedly the belt is really fiddly to get through the provided straps so I've been doing without it since that night. I also sometimes where a jumper over the top half for day wear.

Morag x

16 April 2012

In this Week

This week has been very food related! And exam related. Been so busy with exams that the only interesting thing I've been doing is making myself my usual home cooked meals! Something that is interesting about this week's food is how vegan it's all been! I've been drinking soya milk for a while now but having a Tesco shop with someone who eats meat but is curious about the vegetarian/vegan ways wanted a tour of the "free-from" section and that's when I discovered the soya cream from Alpro which I have to say is brilliant and I wouldn't have even realised it wasn't from a cow once it was in my food. I made sweetcorn soup with it, something I make on the regular, and my tastebuds couldn't tell the difference!

This week was also the week I realised that there had been a shop in Dundee all along where I could've bought all the vegan foods I need to do some vegan baking. There was vegan chocolate, soya cheese, soya whipped cream, Tofutti cream cheese and soya ice-cream, as pictured (which was lovely and gets the thumbs up!). All this on a street I used to live on and never spotted. Frustrating but glad I finally found all the ingredients needed to make vegan cakes! Also found in this store was the coconut water, which I had been wanting to try for a while but truthfully it wasn't at all nice. If you can keep it refrigerated at all times then it's pleasant but the minute is loses its coldness it's quite frankly "rank".

Morag x

13 April 2012

Blogs You Might Be Surprised To Know I Read

My blog is quite of the mixed niche variety. Which means very little of life goes uncovered. I post what I wear, what I eat, personal and professional developments, where I've travelled and just general ramblings. But occasionally some topics do slip under the radar. Did you know that I find the games industry one of the most interesting industries there is? Or that I spend large chunk of my days getting my knickers in a twist over gender-politics? Or that despite my assertions that kids aren't really all that "me" I still read mummy blogs? You maybe didn't because I don't really cover these on my fashion/veggie/self-reflective blog. 

But here I introduce some of my favourite blogs that do!

Bleubird Vintage
I'm not all that keen on kiddies but oh my isn't her blog so lovely? Isn't the clothes her kids have so lovely? Isn't their lunches so lovely? I think the way James is raising her kids is all round so lovely. I love the study rooms she has for her kids. I love their clothes. I love that she feeds them simplified versions of adult food instead of pre-made tinned stuff.  I also love that she was one hot pregnanat lady

I discovered Glasgow Caledonia's careers blog due to my job in my own university's career service. But even if I wasn't working in this field I would still have GCU Careers on my RSS feed as it's still helped me loads in my own graduate job search, as well as providing me with useful links for my current job. 

Yes, yes, another parenting blog. I found this blog back in maybe 2007 pre-baby. However I'm still reading it despite it's shift from PHP to parenting. And a big reason for it is her focus and posts about the should be non-issue of breastfeeding in public. Her posts illustrate really well why feeding your baby in public shouldn't be an issue.

It has been stated several times that I consider myself a feminist. However I'm certainly not one of the front line feminists (something I suck at: debating!). Rachel Hill however is a front line feminist. Also been called a "bad feminist" via search terms that find her blog, resonates with me due to people confused by a baking feminist

Offbeat Empire can be broken down into: Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Mama and Offbeat Home. Admittedly weddings really aren't me so that gets ignored however I am all over Offbeat mama and Offbeat home. The later is probably less surprising as it is food related and also goes into DIY and growing your own food. But Offbeat mama is just one more of those mummy blogs I like to occasionally coo over! 

I didn't really get into games until I started university. Partially because half the people I met at this particular university were studying a course that allowed them to develop games. The other part because my own business course threw in a lot of case studies and examples from the industry. I do play games but my main interest is the industry itself. And this blog helps feed that interest.
Any blogs that you read that might surprise others?

Morag x

10 April 2012

In which you'd think I was a novice baker

We all screw up at something we're supposedly good at occasionally. Don't we?

Well I certainly did. Thankfully my attempts at Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes (via With Sprinkles On Top) were not for a bake sale or anyone else's mouth. Just my own but I don't even think I want to go that far. 

First there was the cake mixture itself. Standing there with my electric mixer for ten minutes I was creaming in my head WHY AREN'T YOU CREAMING? Before realising it was because I was trying to cream together flour and butter, rather than sugar and butter (as it is in 

And the icing? Well before starting I didn't even check to see if the icing sugar to butter ratio in my cupboards was up to par. And it wasn't. I had more butter than sugar in the mix which led to it becoming stiff as tar and then a few splashes or milk later turned it mushy. And on top of it? I didn't sieve the sugar which led to it becoming lumpy. Hahaha - ha! 

Look at all those pumps - and chocolate that got into it! Mmmm, nommy! Or not!

Though I will give my recently purchased Cupcake Maker from Elegento top marks for perfectly formed and well-bakes cakes! 

Ever messed up something which is usually your area of expertise? 

8 April 2012

In This Week

This week was a lot of "lasts" and a big reminder that graduation is not far along the corner. As all things (or most things!) must come to an end eventually this week seen my very last university class and also my very last dance show with my university dance team. The card is from the later event :)

My final dance show was amazing with me doing (or attempting!) some Highland for the first time in years (and by years I mean over a decade) and being presented with a card and chocolate rabbit for having stuck by the team for the whole four years I've been at university. Whilst it wasn't me that founded the team out of all the societies I'm involved in (including the cupcake society, which I did found) it is this one that I am most proud of. I'm the only member to have been through all four dance shows so far (I remember the very first one!) and I've watched them come from performing on a raised-up level in a bar to a full stage with wings and professional lighting! Very proud night last night was!

Hope you've all had a week as well and good luck to everyone else who is also graduating soon like me!  

Morag x

6 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Naomi for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Really great to know that people read your blog and count you amongst some of their favourites!

Here are the Versatile Blogger Award rules:
Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
Let them know that you have nominated them.
Share 7 random facts about yourself.
Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post

Seven random facts about myself:
1. My reason for being vegetarian is moral beliefs. I wouldn't grab a sausage out of a meat-eaters hand but I don't believe that animals are for human consumption, especially when they're are no minerals or vitamins in meat that can't be found elsewhere.
2. I work part-time as a social media assistant in my university's career centre and it is a job that I have absolutely loved, and will be really sad to leave when I graduate.
3. I suffer from arachnophobia. I once had a panic attack walking past a toy shop, and have ran out of a homeware shop because of it.  
4. I'm not 100% sold on the idea of having children, but mummy blogs are one of my favourite category of blogs.
5. I have a huge interest in the Titanic and will be marking the 100 year anniversary which is coming up soon. I also plan to try and get to Southampton (or possibly Belfast) for my twenty-second coming up this year for the exhibitions.
6. A personal flaw of my own personality is my inability to accept the flaws of others.
7. I consider myself a "floating voter" however I still generally mark my 'x' next to the Liberal Democrats.

Unfortunately I haven't managed to gather 15 blogs to share that are new-ish but I have ten here which I read regularly and that deserve so many more followers than they currently have! :)

Fave Posts

 Fave Posts

1 April 2012

Month In Review: March

Month in Review is when I look back at the New Years Resolutions I made at the ring of the bells. This year I have given each month a theme to dedicate my self-improvement towards.

March's theme was my style.
"Not starting your style re-vamp until March? Okay? The reason for waiting until March is 1) it's not the most important element of happiness in the grand scheme of things and 2) the change of season that happens here means that I'll be needing to start purchasing my spring/summer wardrobe anyway. I'm currently sitting with a strip of hair dyed red because of a strand test so this isn't going to be a big change via the month of march. But as I said it's a deadline. I have been meaning to get a piercing for ages and this year I want to make it happen - by March 31st I should have either a new piercing round my ears (probably tragus) or a nipple piercing."

Because of my camera purchase my February goal was rolled into my March one as well - which was buy some essential purchases I had been meaning to for a while which were not as exciting as say, necklaces and baking equipment. However the beginning of March also hit me with an issue. It had turned out that prior to the start of the academic year I had filled out my dad's income incorrectly on my student funding application, and thus, I'm now getting the bare minimum amount. Which meant my income dropped, well, by a lot. 

I've chosen a picture of my iPod because truthfully this was the one of the few things I did embark on. Aside from the odd dress here and there or a new piece of jewllery the only thing that happened this month that helped me achieve my goal was finally purchasing some new ITunes music and getting my iPod up to date instead of pulling up YouTube on my phone (which certainly drains the battery). 

So I've got some nice new tunes :) But my mind has been elsewhere this month, and rightly so. I've also been hit with some serious campaigning and also having to deal with the fact that in the last few days someone I thought would be a lifetime friend has decided otherwise.  I've had loads of coursework, as per normal for a final year student. 

Next month may truthfully be a lot of the same. 

Morag x