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Things I Love Thursdays: I Heart Glasgow

As you may already know, within the past two months I picked up my stuff from my parents house in Aberdeen and carted them across to my new life in Glasgow. All happening whilst my parents were on their  adventure down-under. So, no stress really. 

I'm sitting typing this cross-legged in my new bed with my duvet on top which still doesn't have a cover, surrounded by clothes on the floor because I still haven't bought effing coathangers. But aside from that I'm beyond happy that I have moved to an amazing city that seems so full of possibilities. 

For anyone that doesn't know the backstory to my decision to move: I always knew I didn't want to live in Aberdeen for my entire life. Even as a kid I itched for something more eclectic and cosmopolitan. I moved to Dundee for university which I think I'd like to scream at my 17 year old self for. It eclectic maybe, but cosmopolitan it wasn't. Then in September 2011 I attended Social Media Week in Glasgow and the moment I walked onto Buchanan Street I was smitten. Shops I previously could only buy from online, pedestrianized streets, local businesses selling lesser-known pieces and the foodie in me was spoilt for choice. By the end of that day I had made my decision that moving to Glasgow after university was my goal. 

And thus here are my favourite things about Glasgow thus far...

Plenty of veggie/vegan options
And I'm not just talking cafes that remember to throw in a few options, I'm talking veggie and vegan only places. Places I can be with my own kind (joking...maybe). Okay I haven't been to any yet as I still have to twist a meat-eaters arm but to know I'm living somewhere where almost every type of cuisine is catered for makes the foodie in my giddy. 

Can wear ridiculous outfits and not get strange looks
On Saturday I wore fake fur, leopard print, studs and a reptile skin (effect!) bag to go shopping and no one seemed to bat an eyelash. I'd love to be someone who could wear that all the effing time but admittedly I be wary of odd looks in my parents Aberdeenshire village or having a chav shout at me in Dundee.

Fast paced city life
I know it isn't for everyone and I've personally known country kids who couldn't hack it in a small city. But I love the faced paced nature of big cities - I have the attention span of a five year old and I'm always looking for something new to do. Sitting still isn't in my vocabulary. 

If a chain of stores exists, they'll have one in Glasgow
Aside from my Paperchase, apparently. But we're getting one in March which will be flag-shipped size.

If a band decides to come to Scotland, it's usually Glasgow
Within the first month of my move I seen one of my all time favourite bands, Feeder, live. This probably wouldn't have happened if I'd still been east coasting it. Also, and this is as local as I'll be getting, I'm living South side with the 02 within walking distance. 

More integrated into the blogging community 
The last time I attended a blogger meet-up was a year ago. There has been three since but I didn't make them due to the travelling. Now I'm based in Glasgow I'd need an emergency not to attend. I'm really excited about the Christmas meet-up on Monday and seeing some really long-time-no-see-faces and also finally getting to meet some blogging palz in the flesh. 

Just a much more banging social life
Truthfully, you can have a banging social life anywhere if you're creative enough. But it's kind of easier in a city. Something I'm grateful for since my move is that for someone who has just moved to a new city my social life isn't too shabby.

My beautiful flat
Okay so there's plenty of shit flats in Glasgow too but I hit a luxury one for a beer-budget price tag. And I am loving it. Makes a weekend lie in so much better. 

The only thing I miss is East Coast slang. I need Glaswegian lessons. I'm still a Doric quine at heart.

Small non-Glaswegian mentions
Cookie-dough brownies / a flatmate who doesn't bat an eyelash to me taking photos of myself / being employed / being extra-organised with blogging - notice posts everyday this week? / golden syrup / phone calls from my cute grandmother / lots of glitter and studs in fashion / baking something that isn't a damn cupcake. 

morag | mo adore
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