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Things I Love Thursday: Christmas

I'm going to admit something that makes me seem like a huge dick: I'm not a huge Christmas person. Yes, I said it. I plan my Halloween costume months in advance, throw a Eurovision party each year, always throw a party for my birthday and list 'must do the whole hog on Valentine's Day' on my ideal man tick-list. But Christmas? I don't get all that too excited.

It might be because I'm a secular person who grew up in a Christian family, which makes the festive decor more Christingles rather than tinsle. Or that Christmas is a tricky time to navigate as a vegetarian.  Or because even as a meat-eater I always found Christmas food too traditional and quite frankly, boring.

Whatever the reason I think it's time to sit down with my blog and have a one-on-one about what I do like at this time of year.

I get to play event manager. There are very few things that get me more excited than planning and plotting my next soiree. Maybe I'd rather be getting my annual Eurovision party underway than deciding how to keep my veggie dish away from the turkey juices but with Christmas Eve nibbles to be planned and a Christmas dinner to be finalised it appeals to one of the main parts of my personality.

I'm allowed to cook for myself. Whilst it is a bit head-scratching to decide what a vegetarian does for a centerpiece it does mean my mum can't insist I eat what I'm served. Even in my meat-eating days I wasn't a fan of Christmas dinner (I don't like plain traditional food) and complained to my mum why we couldn't just have Mexican food and be done with it. Even whilst I do try and keep it traditional (pastry, pies, nutroasts) I can add extra flavours whilst my conventional family get on with eating the bird. 

Shops are open more. Because people go mental at Christmas pretending to be Santa until their kid is eight. But even with the rush it's nice to not have to wait until Saturday/Sunday/Thursday evening to purchase something iwantnow.

Glitter is a bit more acceptable. Okay so I wear glitter a lot anyway but it's nice to see it more widely available.  

Lush's Christmas range. If only Snow Fairy was available all year round. 

morag | mo adore
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