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Things I Love Thursday: Blogging

Since this week included my first blogger meet-up in a year and tomorrow night I will be wagamamas-ing it up with Hayley and Louise I thought settling on a blogging topic for this week's Things I Love Thursday would be ideal. Also last week's #bbloggers was about our blogging stories. It's all very fitting. 

I started blogging in one sense or another in 2004 (MSN Spaces, yo!) before starting this blog as a 2011 resolution. Anyone who has followed me from the start (or has sought out my archives) will know that 2010 was a shitty year for me and I was picking myself up from what had been quite a few dire months. I've come far since then and so much is down to my little piece of the internet, and I am 100% grateful to everything this blog has brought me. 

Without blogging I would still be relying on half-assed magazine reviews for beauty products, I wouldn't be nearly half as brave with my outfit choices, I'd still be blindly buying products that were tested on animals, I wouldn't be attending blogger meet-ups where having your phone out is the norm, I wouldn't have had something to set me apart in my marketing interviews, I'd be ignorant to so many indie brands that make the high street look like wishy washy trash, I wouldn't have free beauty products in my bathroom, I wouldn't be into false eyelashes and other trends that non-blogger folk don't see the beauty of.

And for the absolutely mushy part: some of the delightful lovelies I've met through blogging. I'm not what you would describe as a wimp, and I would have no doubt moved to Glasgow anyway, but knowing that there were people I knew through blogging in Glasgow that were excited at the prospect of me moving made the move across the country a lot more comforting. Heck, if it hadn't been for blogging I wouldn't have visited Glasgow and just knew it was where I belonged. There are bloggers I've met, and not met, who have inspired me and changed who I am for the better. And whilst I'm hardly getting the e-mails and comments of Gala Darling (who btw, has changed my life and so many others) I've been touched by comments from people saying I've inspired them to go vegetarian, or if they already are to experiment more and prove that we don't eat salads all day or to travel to somewhere a little more exotic. 

I think everyone should blog. If you're thinking about it, bite the bullet and go for it. If it doesn't enrich your life I'll give you my free Rox earrings.

morag | mo adore
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