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In This Week

Blurry out of focus image of the 'other' ugly jumper.

This week has been full of blogging activities and finalising Christmas stuff. My parents' presents are bought, and my Christmas cards are well under way. Obviously the ScotRail staff decided to go on strike so we'll see how easy I find it getting back to my parents in Aberdeen. 

Friday night I met up with my blogging BFF's (haha!) Hayley and Louise to eat at Wagamamas to discuss noodles, Tangle Teezer's and the peeing habits of Louise's cats. I spent my Saturday exploring the East End of Glasgow's city centre to spy out some indie businesses. I didn't buy anything (aside from maybe the most delicious cupcake I've ever eaten) but did spot beautiful jewellery in Merchant Square, more noodle bars, the vegan music venue mono and also about three tarot readers. And today I've been getting crafty as I've decided I'm going to make some last minute Christmas cards. I brought Hayley and Louise their's but as I had them at work a member of the sales team spotted them and wanted to know where his was, so I've made him and other sales guy their own custom card! I'm panning to make more throughout the week for other people in my life. 

And the picture is the jumper I was meant to have been wearing to the Christmas meet-up but didn't arrived. But my Jack Daniels jumper went down a storm anyway!

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