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In This Week

1. Feeder!!!! 2.First long lie on a Saturday for ages! 3. New Lush goodies. 4. Free perfume. 5. Mushroom flatbread. 6. Sesame stir-fry.  

And what a week it's been! On Saturday night I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite bands ever live. It was Feeder - remember Buck Rogers circa 2001? Well, Feeder have went down in history as one of my favs and I have so many memories connected to so many of their songs. Hearing Just a Day live (and as the last song of the night) was pretty much breathtaking. I honestly thought I wouldn't make it as I was at my last person asking a girl from my work to go with me, but luckily she was a fan. 

And furthering on from my 22nd, which was just over a week ago now, on Thursday night I headed to Lush to spend my £30 gift voucher. I was there for a while but with the help of the forever helpful Lush staff I picked up the Big solid conditioner, Volcano footmask, Light Yellow skin corrector and Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. I've tried all but one so far but right now I'm already feeling these will be positive reviews. 

Whilst in Lush trying out almost all the products (I get lost forever in there) the sales woman (who I'm certain was the manager) held me back after I had paid to gift me a free perfume. You may or may not know that Lush recently released some new perfumes, but you may not realise that they had been planning to release small pendant versions of the perfumes but had to pull them off the shelves because of leaking problems. The Lush store on Buchanan Street had bought some in before this and I got one of them for being a sweetheart to sales staff who had been having a 'weird day'. I was also wished a belated birthday and was told "you're so Lush" because of my glitter party! Moral of the story: be nice to sales staff.

morag | mo adore
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