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In This Week (still on hiatus)

1. Pizza and XFactor. 2. Nomming on a Ben & Jerry's flavour that isn't cookie dough. 3. Work clothes purchases. 4. Katy Perry costume (but not as good as my own home made one).

I'm still technically on hiatus as I don't move into my new flat until exactly a week today but I thought I would still put out a post just so you know what I've been up to outside of work in my first 9-5 week. I was staying in a B&B quite close to my work but moved to my old favourite Glasgow budget hotel just yesterday that is further away but has unlimited Wifi and where all Freeview channels work! hah! I'm probably going to regret this decision come the commute tomorrow though, but at least I can watch the start of the new Vampire Diaries series tomorrow. Which I can hardly contain my excitement for!

I'm also getting really excited for Halloween. I have no definite plans yet but have two leads; either way I'm currently the maximum bidder on eBay for a costume right now. I treat fancy dress the same way brides-to-be treat their wedding dress (or teenage girls treat their prom dress) in that I don't like to reveal what I've chosen beforehand and also only wear it once! I take Halloween extra seriously. It's my favourite holiday alongside Eurovision - where I also get to dress up. :)

FYI - the Katy Pery dress isn't my costume - I took a photo because I felt my own DIY costume from my 21st was genuinely more like the dress in the video. /end arrogance.

morag | mo adore
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