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In This Week & Hiatus

1. Mushroom risotto. 2. Rosemary Risotto. 3. Stir fry. 4. Savoury cheesecake. 5. Cocoa pasta and cream cheese. 6. Spam comments

A In this Week post filled with food? Never! Okay, so my week hasn't been all the filled with much, so I had loads of time in the kitchen (even though I always seem to spend a lot of time there anyway...). Most of these dishes are some of my 'regulars' (which only really nit-picky readers will see, I really should do a post on that). 

Anyway, if this post seems rambly and rushed it's because it is. On Thursday I discovered that my new boss would like me down in Glasgow Monday, and not when my flat is ready. So he is paying for me to live in a B&B for the next fortnight. So this means bye bye blogging for a bit. I move into my new flat on the 21st so everything might move forward then (but it might not) but I am no doubt going to be all over the place for ages. So apologies. 

I have so many more followers now since my graduation as I've been putting in more effort to blogging during my unemployed days. And I am so so grateful for all these new followers, so sorry if you only followed me a few posts ago to see this haha. I love blogging and will return as soon as I move in, sort my new flat, get internet and get into a routine alongside my full-time job. Which could take a while; I might even be twenty-two by then. ;) 

Lovers you!

morag | mo adore
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