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Tips for Looking Good Whilst Roughing It

 Two of my looks from Zambia - not my usual self but could a look lot worse for a trip to Africa

Whilst I no expert at making my 'trip to the Victoria Falls' look match anywhere close to my 'living day in day out in a Western country' look with trips through Africa and South America I do know a few things about maintaining some sort of elegance whilst in dusty/damp conditions. This is no guide for a trip up Everest but if you're going camping with your lover or visiting a developing country like I recently did then this guide is for you!

Also note: if I was away to Italy or Florida I'd probably take with me my entire make-up collection. This is for your Africas and Asias of the world.

Shower as much as you can
Seems like a given but when you've just checked into your hostel after a trek or right off a 13 hour flight the bed can be more tempting than the shower. But you'll thank me later if you go get your hair shampoo-ed!

Use the products you're used to
My mum always insists on using those toiletries you get from relatives at Christmas. My advice is: unless you have the kind of hair that has vitality even if you use hand wash use the mini-products of products that you already know work on your hair. My mum gave me some old shampoo she had found in a hotel for me to use in Peru and when I used it my hair looked the same as before I washed it. As if I had been trekking through a South American country.

Wax/Epillate/Sugar before you go (but still take a razor)
Shaving stops are rare throughout a trek in the Andes so it's best to de-fuzz as much as before you go. I hate waxing as much as the next person and always have to get a salon to do it because I'm far too wimpy (Yes, I will dive with sharks, but wax my own legs? No.). However unless you're blond the second a new hair sprouts it's kind of obvious. ;)

Up your Beauty Regime in the Weeks Before you Go
Aside from a professional wax there are some other beauty treatments I do before I go abroad. Give my eyebrows a proper seeing to, exfoliate thoroughly, give myself a pedicure and generally take my beauty regime extra seriously in the run up to a holiday. Especially one that isn't lazing on a beach in Majorca.

A little bit if make-up is not 'high maintnance'
Or my advice is really not to care what others think. If you want to add some extra va-va-voom to your camping look and are prepared to carry the bare essentials then go you! It's your face. A bit of tinted moisturiser isn't going to take up much extra room.

Unless you're hiking up Kilimanjaro you don't need ugly camping gear
'Proper' hiking boots and Gortex are only needed if you're taking on the creme de creme of rough climbs. For trips up Table Mountain or walking around a deserted town in Romania practical clothing brands, such as Billabong, will do just a grand job. For my trip up Table Mountain in South Africa I wore a khaki playsuit from New Look and leggings with some white trainers. Heck, even well traveled Sarah Von agrees with me so it must be true!

And if you really want to emulate me.

Clothes I'd recommend you take:
- good quality underwear and plenty of it
- leggings
- floaty tops (such as the one I'm wearing in the picture)
- sandles/flip flops you can easily walk in
- khaki shorts
- black long sleeved top
- beach surfer type shorts
- hoodie
- vest tops (plural)
- summer dress (be aware of cultural differences though - not uncommon to need below the knee length)
- waterproof jacket (can be as pretty as you want though!)

My travel beauty bag:
- tinted mosturier/sheer foundation
- shampoo and conditioner
- razor (using conditioner as foam)
- a default nail polish (coral or black or brown) and some nail clippers (depending on how long I'm gone
- toothpaste and toothbrush (leaving breath freshener, floss and mouthwash at home)
- tinted eyebrow gel
- body moisturiser
- some wet wipes
- waterproof mascara
- deodorant

Too far, even for a beauty blogger:
- eyeliner to do your tight line
- highlighter
- lip scrub
- cuticle butter
- soap because let's be honest water does a good job anyway, just doesn't smell of much!

Do you have any more travel beauty tips? Any questions?

Lots and lots of dirty travel love
Morag x

morag | mo adore
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