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Things I Love Thursday: Countryside Living

As has been said I've recently moved back to my parents house post-graduation in the Aberdeenshire countryside. Whilst it's only three miles outside of Aberdeen, as a bonafide city gal it still feels as if I might as well be living up some Swiss mountain.

As with a lot of Thursday's I like to make note of what is keeping me smiling or write down things I'm grateful for in order to keep me smiling. This one is aimed at living back in a village, after having lived in a city for the best part of four years! 

Going for a Run Without Anyone Else Seeing

Where I lived in Dundee there was nowhere near where I lived that would allow for me to go for a jog without having chavs shouting at me. There's an old railway line near me that has been turned into a cycle path, where the only other people you'll meet are dog-walkers, cyclists and other runners. Admittedly running into people does make me resist the urge to take breaks every ten strides but being able to run without people gawking at me does allow me to enjoy the countryside, a bit.

Having a Back Garden

Okay, so it is half dug up at the moment because my parents insist on changing the design every two years. And now has no grass. But there is something tranquil about having a space out the back. Helps for when you just want some fresh air without any intention of going somewhere. Or putting on some make-up. 

Growing my Eyebrows Out

This is more about how I'm away from social interaction and not seeing anyone outside of blood relatives on a daily basis due to my move. I've plucked my right eyebrow in a bit too far to the point where it's sometimes all I see in photos and despite my attempts to grow out them previously in order to re-shape, if I had to be somewhere nice I'd pluck to get rid of any strays. Causing the accused eyebrow to remain that way.

A Decent Oven

I love to bake. And that word love really does need to be emphasised with italics.  I hit a really good deal with my flat in my final year but one of the small complaints I would have had was that the oven wasn't to the standard of a baking enthusiast. My parents' oven is much better and if you follow me on instagram (username: moadore) you'll have seen just how much baking I've been doing!

Do you like countryside living? Or are you generally like me and prefer city life?

Lots and lots of country bumpkin love
Morag x
morag | mo adore
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