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Mid-Year Lookback and Resolutions

Gosh, I'm talented

As said in my original New Year Resolution Post come the middle of the year I would have a proper look at whether or not I have achieved them, was ready to move on to some more resolutions or if I just didn't give a hoot about my resolutions any more. 

2012 so far has been a bit mixed. I've finished my degree, feel that I've developed a more personal sense of style, itched closer to becoming vegan, gained some loyal blog readers and had a few situations where I've managed to stick up for myself. But I've also managed to screw up financially at one point, lost a few friendships (even if it was for the best) and still have questionable taste in men. 2012 might be the year of mixed experiences. 

But sitting down like this achieves very little! Let's move on to the next half of the year and what I want to do this half of 2012!

Find myself a graduate job I love
As a matter of priority I need an income to sustain myself - as I don't quite think my parents and jobseekers can sustain the blogger lifestyle! But I also want a job I love: which allows me to leave my home village and also feel relaxed working in as I move my way back into the 9-5 as opposed to the student lifestyle I've been used to. First thing after I move back permanently from Dundee - get those CV's out! 

Work on going cruelty-free
I am soon to have been vegetarian for a year. But it was only within the last few months I began to realise something: why refuse to eat meat if your vanity case contains chemicals tested on animals? I already have a small list of companies to avoid (MAC and L'Oreal - holla!) but once I finish off products by them I need to hunt out a good cruelty free foundation, mascara and shampoo. Any recommendations? 

Go on (another) man ban
For those of you who have followed me right from the start you might scream: stop with the boy problems!1!!!~ But it's back for round two, yo! Partially caused by moving back in with my mum in three weeks and making two dumb men choices this year already. But I won't spill my guts out about that. Just need some time away from romance whilst I sort my head out. I'll be fine by the end of the year, I'm sure.  

Keep experimenting with veganism
I'm still in two minds as whether or not I'd want to go completely vegan, or just stay "semi-vegan" as I am right now. But as I have a dream of opening up a veggie/vegan friendly cafe one day I really need to get more food practice in me! Goal one: master the art of tofu! 

Keep in contact
It'll come to no surprise to school friends and will fill my uni friends with fear: I suck at staying in touch! Truthfully I felt a bit mis-fitted at school so was quite happy to leave with my back turned. But at uni? I met some really great people and need to make sure I pop up a bit more to say hi. Or even just say they look pretty in their most recent display picture. But I'll obviously put a bit more effort into it than that.

Work out how to look stylish in Winter
This most recent winter was probably the first one I worked fashionable clothes with some success. But that was made easier because we rarely seen snow last year. I wear dresses almost all the time which makes cold-weather looks a bit more difficult. But having a full time job by then should help, right?

Do you do mid-year resolutions? Or do you think they're even more cheesier than New Year Resolutions?

Lots and lots of glittery love.
Morag x
morag | mo adore
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