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Things I Love Thursdays: Final Week in Dundee

From this Saturday things are going to change in my life. I'll be driving up the road with my dad for second last time with about a quarter of the stuff I've collected whilst at university & will return in July for graduation. It's been some four years but now it will all officially be over. I'm not really sure how to feel; on one hand it's sad and emotional but on the other I love an adventure and a challenge so my blood is also thriving for it.

So what gets you through all this emotional up and downs?

It's less than a fortnight until I hit the African continent. An adventure of a lifetime that I am so so so grateful for! I should experience more in two weeks than most people will in a lifetime: shark diving, safari, a natural wonder of the world, a city thriving with vegetarian only restaurants, whilst visiting three of the many African countries (possibly four if my mum feels generous at the Victorian falls borders). Words cannot describe how excited I am and how much I have to pinch myself. ♥

In a week I'll be meeting my Canadian family! For the first time, like ever. They did visit the UK circa 1995 when my parents decided a trip to Sweden was on the cards. But even then at age 4, my memory would have been sketchy. My mum's cousin will be over and he's one of the few natural red-heads left in the family.  My natural hair colour had a auburn tinge and I dye it to bring it to it's full form, but I am so so so excited to see this lovely family trait in the flesh. Also we're having a family BBQ where I'm in charge of salads haha. Standard.

I have some amazing friends. Not going to lie there's been some drama lately (which I am not going to detail on my blog) but throughout it I have learnt that some people really do care about me and that there's always people I can turn to. And yet again one of my biggest life-lessons was re-learned: if you're a calm reasonable person, people will believe your story without doubt and will excuse the odd occassion where you do cry at 2am, in a club, because you got shouted at in the toilets. Reputation can make and break it all. 

Some mini-mentions: 
Being told I'm "shit-hot" / almost perfecting a pancake / being creative in the kitchen with the few ingredients I have left / having an amazing "morning after" / a wonderful summer wardrobe / my tough-as-rocks nails! / a blog friend feeling like a real friend / throwing away memories of a memory you shouldn't have held onto in the first place / realising that a person came into your life for a reason and you did take something good away from it / amazing indie tunes annnnnd that certain boy I've just met ♥

That's enough to keep a smile on my face!

Lots and lots of love
Morag x
morag | mo adore
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