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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

In this Week

1. Memory board for my honours year. 2. Nachos with dad 3. Risotto at restaurant 4. Coconut and quorn curry. 5. Egg fried rice. 6. Vegan mac and cheese 7. Principle's Award 8. Researching cruelty-free products 9. Collected enough Lush pots to get my free face mask 10. This is what happens when you live out a suitcase 11. These came in handy for moving my life 12. Packing my glitter

This week saw me leave Dundee (which is all I seemed to have talked about recently). I left yesterday with my dad and moved pretty much all my clothes, toileteries and baking equipment up to my parents in Aberdeenshire. That's why so many of my photos are of boxes. Being back here is weird as it's so different from the life I set up for myself in Dundee and I had a whole flat to myself before and now here I am sharing space again, which includes a kitchen. Last night I ended up on my fall back of Sweet & Sour Quorn because what my parents eat isn't what I eat. Though I am using this as initiative to get myself a job somewhere more cosmopolitan!

Me and my dad stopped by a restaurant on the way up. It's called a BeafEater which naturally doesn't make it my kind of place though there were some things on the menu. As big headed as it might sound the more and more I cook for myself and experiment in my own kitchen the more I find myself not enjoying eating out as my own food is good enough and was probabaly better than the resturant me and my dad popped into.

Also I am trying harder and harder to buy cruelty-free and research it all more thoroughly, and with my pocked Little Book of Cruelty Free and Android app should be made much easier. Also did anyone hear the news about Urban Decay no longer being cruelty-free because they are expanding into China? I didn't have any of their products anyway (drugstore ftw!) but I heard they were a good alternative to the MAC brushes (which the last time I read used real animal hair). Plus, incase you missed it throughout the week I was tweeting about cruelty-free condoms and lubricants! Which I can say my research found that most big brands of intimate products are cruelty-free but not vegan. Though if you are looking for vegan goods you have Condomi and YesYesYes. Though don't expect a review as despite being a non-private person, that is one area of my life I am private about! 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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