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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

In This Week

1. Flash fail in nightclub toilet. 2. Just before going out. 3. Wanted to wear this out but arms would have freezed.


1. Perfume choice one night 2.  Maintaining my pure pale skin.

Home Cooking

1. Vegan carbonara. 2. Pan fried Tofu. 3. Scrambled tofu. 4. Mango and Noodle Salad. 5. Rosemary and feta risotto 6. Honey and Mushroom Pie

Other foods

1. Alaskan Pancake 2. Wine choice 3. Gifts for last day of work

Tried a new way of setting out my In This Week photos as everyone has the same thing going on and some photos can get lost if you have twenty photos in one post. Also I'm a mixed-niche blogger ;)

I bought a new packet of Tofu this week  - this time a different brand with packaging that said "firm and silken" so thought it might not crumble too much. It still however made a better scrambled tofu than pan fried tofu, the first of which is actually a really easy dish. They're both breakfast dishes that I spotted were popular with the vegan blogs I follow but for first thing in the morning I don't think I could be bothered wrapping tofu in kitchen paper, flattening it for 10 minutes, then frying it. Scrambled tofu isn't much harder than scrambled eggs though - mine also had spring onions through it. 

Also the vegan carbonara, which got a lot of love on Instagram and Twitter, - I might post the recipe soon as it was my own - must warn that it is sweet though. Need to remember to only use unsweetend soya milk rather than regular. My reason for making it had been because I had bought some Cheezly which is a vegan soya cheese and really needed to be used before it stank up my fridge. Was really weird though and yet another reason why I probably won't ever become 100% vegan. 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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