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Review: Anna Sui Perfume Set

I got this little gem of gift set back at Christmas time (yes it really has taken me that long to blog about it!) and these days I wear one of these perfumes on the daily. My mum typically always buys me perfume for Christmas and this time I had already picked out what I wanted because I'm really fussy when it comes to these things. Also at just over £30 it was a bargain to get these 6M bottles at the slow rate I tend to go through perfume. Also I love that they're all shaped like their full-sized counterparts - meaning they look a lot prettier on my dresser than the samples you get in Glossybox etc. My next perfume my eye has set out on is Marc Jacobs Daisy if you need any more convincing that the prettiness of a bottle is a big pull for me.

Secret Wish is probably the ones I wear most (if the level the liquid is sitting at isn't a hint). It's one of the softer scents in the box with a hint of citrus coming though - which is perfect for wearing through a summer day. I don't have much to say about this perfume other than it is lovely!

Flight of Fancy is my other 'day' perfume along with Secret Wish. I used to wear this the most when I first got the scent purely because of the packaging being the most eyecatching. It's the softest scent in the box with a floral undertone but no obvious top notes - if you like really simple scents (like me) this would be a really good addition. 

The light blue Rock Me perfume is the one I reached for least. From having a good old sniff it has quite a musky base to it which is not me at all. In reality it's not that musky and still has floral tones but for me even the slight hint of muskiness makes me put it down. Another downside to this perfume is also because I'm not sure whether it is a day or night perfume - too strong for daytime but doesn't have enough wowza for a night out.

And now we move into the two perfumes that I consider my night time perfumes. And truthfully I don't prefer one over the other - it really depends on the mood I'm in. The second Rock Me has a slitely musky scent like it counterpart but it is ever so light and you really have to be analysing the smell (like I am right now) to pick it up. It's has enough flowery top-notes that it can't be registered on a quick sniff.

Finally we have my other night perfume. I originally thought the name Forbidden Affair and the design of the bottle indicated that this would be a mature but sexy scent. But truthfully it reminds me of a fruity rose wine. I would also say it is the stronger night-time version of  Flight of Fance - if you like one you'll most likely like the other. 

Do you have these scents? Any of them sound like you'd something you'd wear?

Morag x

P.S. This was written prior to my cruelty-free days and I wouldn't buy it now. 
morag | mo adore
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