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Things I Love Thursdays #26

This week I have been pretty much in a relationship with a library PC. Which is no where as fun as being in a relationship with a hot man, or even not as much fun as being a single woman. It's been pretty boring as this relationship has less talk about future plans and "what to try next" but more "explain how the human resource department supports the competitive strategy of an organisation". 

And I met a cute guy a month back and realisation has hit that I'm not going to lure him into my life by the time I'm due to leave Dundee. Which is three weeks away. 

So lets get on with what has been good then?

The nearing end of my academic life
Whilst I'll miss the student life and I'm trying to hold onto it with every last youthful grip I have; I am so glad to be leaving academia behind. As a school student I was, by my own admission, a swot and for the last four years as a university student I have continued my dorkiness. Despite this there is now no denying that the academic world is no longer my calling and for that, I'll embrace the nine to five. 

One of your life long dreams edging closer
Today I paid (or my parents did) the deposit for my shark diving graduation present. I've always said I wanted to go shark diving but I was never convinced it would actually happen. But then it became my graduation present! I'm telling you having to pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming is the best feeling EVER!  

Bad things that work out for the best
I didn't get the job that I had that interview for a week ago. Which is cool. All my HR classes have taught me that in an interview the company also has to sell itself as a great/amazing/rewarding place to work for. And this company just didn't do that for me. I'd been warned that they have SPAM SPAM SPAM as their marketing strategy and in the interview they might have well said that. I currently have four Facebook pages under my control, none of which I spam with, which all have a respectable number of Likes.  

Catching up on a project
Yesterday I had the most productive essay-writing escapade this side of my honours project. Because of that I was given a sparkle in my step and had the motivation to give myself a break with coding. I've been working on it since New Year and it looks like it'll be ready for a summer blog re-vamp. My current one was my first Blogger template and its so glitchy. I'm welcoming the new change.  

I'm one lucky girl with a lot of be grateful for. Even if my love life is still worthy of a book deal. 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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