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Things I Love Thursdays: Saying Goodbye to Uni

Final university coursework - ever!

If you've been reading every blog post for the last few weeks you'll know that the end of my university life is coming to end. And now it has. Tuesday I  handed it my last piece of coursework ever. EVER. 

There isn't really a single word to describe how I felt. A mixture of emotions was probably the best way to put it. I was relieved that all that stress was over and that I had completed my final coursework which was also at the same time a coursework that was one of my worst to write about topic-wise. 

Looking back at myself four years ago I find it really difficult to recognise the girl I was back then. I came to university still a meat-eater, a natural brunette, non-sporty, shy as hell, someone who wore jeans and trainers each day and had very little to put on a CV. That's all changed and the only consistent things have been my internet obsession, my homemaker tendencies, political beliefs and growing a year older on the exact same date. And it's all been in the best most amazingly, grateful way possible. I'm comfortable in my own skin more so than I have been at any other point of my life and these four years have got me there.

I ran into an ex-flatmate from my first year halls whilst handing it in and it was a sign of what had changed. I spoke about what I wanted to do now which was a lot more certain than it had been when I met her in 2008. Also I was dressed a lot more differently. And had a completely different social circle.  

Obviously I have to decide what to do with myself now. I have until the end of this month, if I want to remain in this flat after July, to find something - but realistically that's not happening. What probably will happen is that I'll go back to my parents in Aberdeenshire in June and have a proper think about what I want and work on some extra projects. I still have a few extra-curricular projects to wrap up before I leave such as fully handing over the Cupcake & Baking Society that I founded back in October and the new website for the Dundee Mental Health Association. And my job which has opened up so many doors for me and helped me find my calling in life.   

University can be an absolute drag: essays and exams certainly suck the fun, but at the same time the past four years have been my best yet. I've done things in these four years that I never thought I would and most people never will do. How many people can say they've hitch-hiked down to Leeds in a tiger onesie for charity? I can. 

It wasn't without it pains. Though I regret nothing, and I've proven that you can go through a lot and still have faith in humanity and a smile on your face. If you read my blog at the mere beginning you would have noticed reflections on becoming completely single for the first time in two years after the break-up of all break-ups. Also there was the time I was burgled. And almost a year prior to this blog's start I had left a long-distance relationship - a relationship that became long distance because my ex-boyfriend's ex-flatmates had bullied him to the point of clinical depression, forcing him to drop out and move home. To an island. With two ferries a day. Also there was the time a friend bailed on the flat we were meant to be moving into without even telling me costing my parents money that it shouldn't have. 

But things happen for a reason. Admittedly the burglary didn't have much of a silver lining - only teaching me the hard way to shut your windows at night. I've become passionate about mental health for obvious reasons and still use the anecdote about my ex to this day. And even if I couldn't give too flips what my other ex is up to these days I can give him the thanks of increasing my social confidence whilst we were together. Even if he drove me nuts during and after the relationship. And if you cut someone from your life once, you'll have to do it twice if you don't keep it permanent the first time round. Harsh times. 

In the next few weeks some posts might pop up about 'what I wished I had known' and all that. But for now I'll say that these four years have been amazing and eye-opening . And that I wouldn't trade them for anything. 

Morag x 
morag | mo adore
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