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Things I Love Thursdays: Being Vegetarian

No, I will not be shutting up about vegetarianism for any day this week (even if this is being posted a day late - with the time stamp edited!). This weeks TILT will be getting the veggie treatment just like all posts this week. Even though yesterday contained a lot of elements of my perfect day I'm going to ramble on about cabbage and other meat-free goodness. 

I'm going to concentrate on my gratefulness for becoming veggie. I'm really grateful that I was eventually able to become a vegetarian. It's been mentioned before but I considered vegetarianism for most of my life and for some reason was not ever able to do so until I hit twenty. Being raised by and living with meat-eating parents is generally cited as a reason. Also I had no role models or anyone to go to for advice. 

Also I was a pussy who couldn't stand up for myself or my beliefs. Something I am still working on to this day. I knew a few people in my teens who thought vegetarianism was "stupid" or that they were just fussy - these people basically believed that meat was there to be eaten and felt everyone should share that personal belief. Though looking back these people were narrow-minded on almost everything - a specific person who comes to mind didn't like someone due to their bisexuality, because it's "not real". These people shouldn't have factored into my delayed decision but they did. 

Also mentioned that I final became veggie after a bad break-up. A break-up where I really needed to "find myself" and remember who I was. The break-up had also given me a big wake-up call that I needed to trust my guts and go with my instinct and hold my ground, because my life skills in that area were proven whilst with that boyfriend/during the split to be downright appalling, along with another unfortunate event that happened around that time. And giving up meat (along with starting my own university society, hosting my own charity event and charity hitch-hiking) was part of that process.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I am happy and grateful to be vegetarian because it was the start of me holding two fingers up to society, former school peers and also my raised-on-a-farm mum and saying this has always been my personal belief and still is and I am being serious about not eating meat. I'm not going to tell you not eat meat, but don't tell me that I should, when I don't want to. And never really have truthfully. 

I'm also saying this in hope that I can encourage others who are in the same position to follow suit. Not even just about meat - any personal belief you have. Alexandra commented on my previous post this week about what it's like to be vegetarian in a meat eating world and linked it to her outing herself as an atheist (I originally wrote decision to become an atheist - but I don't believe we decide our personal belief, they're just there!). And I can see the link. Anyone who belongs to a minority group or minority belief that harms nobody and is of no concern to others (I also don't see the appeal of having biological children - haters to the left!) will have felt that need to breath gently whilst at the dinner table. I don't believe in Christianity but would never go ripping pages out of my mum's bible so why she can't cook chicken nuggets and onion rings in separate oven dishes is past me. I don't preach to mothers how they should raise their own kids so would appreciate if no one would question my decision to just let my uterus sit there

So stick your personal beliefs and follow them through. Becoming veggie has made me really happy because I'm finally being true to myself. You'll never find true happiness pretending to be someone you're not. And if being veggie/atheist/never popping out offspring is who you are then so be it. 

Morag x

P.S. We're halfway through what appears to be veggie rant week. Not long until I'm back posting photos of what I wore. I'm wearing a new dress as a click Publish!
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