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Things I Love Thursday/May in Review

Every Thursday each week (well, I try to make it each week) and the last day of every month I sing praises for what I'm grateful for and reflect on my resolutions from January, respectively. As the last day of this months happens to be a Thursday it's a double dose of happy goodness.

So let's get on it. 

My goal for May was to sit down and work on career related stuff: get this blog sorted out, start the portfolio and start, you know, seriously planning for life after graduation. I just this week finished my contract with my current employer who I've been working for since early 2011. I was emotional but I got some great cupcake and baking goodies as a leaving present. Bu this has really hit home that I am graduating and that I am about to enter the 'real world' and that I really do need to get my ass moving on the whole graduate job hunting thing.

Gifts from my employer: tin, recipe book, card, surface protector, cupcake stand and bag. Don't mind if I do!

What I have Done For Career Planning:

Had one job interview which was unsuccessful though I picked up a few things about what I need to work on and what I could be asked in the future. Such as Pinterest, which explains my sudden May pinning spree and why I've become anal about my Board categories. My followers have now went up by 20+, which is totally due to that new Dips & Condiments board. 

Almost finished my re-design of this place. Admittedly I tried to add a footer today that displayed my instagram photos, my follower count and a disclaimer but I messed up with the background. If any HML/CSS/Blogger ninjas want to step in I would be so so so grateful. I can pay in cake and blog exposure.  

Finished the Principle's Award. Which is a recognition from my university that I did a lot more with my time there than just get a degree, such as start the Cupcake Society, become a member of a dozen other societies and sports teams and even work for the university itself. I had a mock interview for the final part of it Monday with a genuine employer from Enterprise Rent-a-Car (if you want to work for them holla at me and I'll give you some pointers) who was cute in a 30-year-old-but-has-twins kind of way. I got all flustered when he said I smiled a lot in the interview. And I know he had twins because he left his keys on the table and had a good nosey. I'm that creepy. 

Looked for graduate jobs from my favourite Scottish digital marketing agencies. However as my favourites are the créme de créme of Scottish marketing they don't tend to take on fresh-faced n00bs, which I was expecting but I can certainly understand what it is I can work up to. And now to work on finding the graduate jobs in the industry that do exist. 

Ploughed further on with the NUS Skills Award. Another award for having done more than just sit in a classroom throughout university. Admittedly I have mixed political feelings about the National Union of Students but this award may be far more useful than my university's own award because 1) it's standardised across the UK 2) some big employers have already agreed to recognise it and 3) only two Scottish universities are part of the pilot so I might end up one of the few Scottish graduates to possess it. If I finish it in time.

And what I've been grateful for this week:
Botswana looks likely to be added to my African adventure / Being called a "wee star" / Now looking forward to leaving Dundee and getting excited about what my future may bring / Eating vegan  for a large percentage of this week / Getting rid of a spider by myself  / Having an amazing final night out with some course mates & an even greater walk home / Amazing wine / Feeling truly appreciated for the time you put into something / Great presents being picked out for you / Drunkenly analysing The Vampire Diaries / Discovering I can walk in wedges / Feeling okay that it didn't work out with that guy I met two months before graduation because it doesn't fit in with my life plans. ♥

Lots & lots of love

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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