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Some Arts Dahling! (Or Morag went to an art show)

As mentioned in Sunday's In This Week post, last Thursday I attended an art show. Art shows, despite a love of clothes and having a working knowledge of CSS since I was 14, aren't my usual hang-out scene. I only even knew about this one because I had some friends who wanted to go along and another friend who had a friend displaying work.

There was definitely some peculiar stuff as well pretentious arts that made me raise my eyebrow more than it biological should be capable of. But there was definetly some amazing art and design with some I would consider purchasing (I didn't get to see the textiles though. Boo!).

Here are some of my favourite artists from the night and pictures of their business cards cause I had to be discreet with my camera on the night.

By far the most imaginative and whimsical art of the night was by Tatiana with her paper shoes and dress up cardboard cut out. This was the one piece of the night where I struggled to leave the room because I was in awe. Whilst my group were leaving I got a thank you directed at me, probably cause she had noticed my excitement over her flip books of children's paper shoes dancing. It's the sort of really whimsical gift that might be perfect for a kid, something a bit different. I certainly would have squealed if my mum had bought me a giant dressing up paper doll in 1997.

Also from her blog I found out her art is described as 'Gendermorphosis & Drag-onomics' which certainly has a feminist edge to it. And there is nothing wrong with that!

I love clothes and jewellery but the few times I've been to an art show I've been met with out-of-this-world jewellery and clothes that belong on a catwalk but not on the high street. Within the jewellery room I came across Leanne Evans who has interesting and artistic pieces which wouldn't get you strange looks in the street. 

Everything had a cage theme and from her website I discovered her inspiration came from poems her sister wrote about her struggled with eating disorders and the emptiness and isolation she felt. Which certainly ain't cheery but does make for a thoughtful as well as beautiful pieces. If I could buy, I would.

Another artist that I considered buying from (and one my friends did!) was Rosie McGregor with her patterned chairs which are right up my interior design street. I can't afford one but instead a picture of her chairs are my Facebook cover photo. 

And is that not the coolest business card? 

An artist who had an amazing but completely unpractical concept for the real world was Mariam Mallalieu. I loved the sculpture that was on display but I'm not exactly sure what I'd do with it if it landed in my living room. I'm not even convinced my living room is big enough. My friend suggested putting a jacuzzi in the middle. It's maybe just meant to be admired and kept in a museum.

I think this is where we discover I am not an artist myself.

Interior and environment design isn't really my forte (proved because I thought this would fall under product design) but Charles Stewarts creation Shelter 77 for Glasgow Disabled Scouts was the most heart warming of the night. I wouldn't say disabled rights are something I'm at the forefront of (that's feminism, LGBT rights and animal rights there!) but having two disabled members to my family means that when someone does have the time to dedicate to this cause I'm awed. I'm not big on the scout and guide movement (was a rainbow and brownie but always felt the boy's clubs had more interesting badges!) but if any young boy, able-bodied or not, wants to join the scouts they shouldn't be prevented. 

Also know who else loved it? The BBC.

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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