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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

In This Week

1. My face on Thursday. 2. Working on my graduate CV. 3. New shower scrub. 4. Debating sandal choice in New Look. 5. Eurovision semi-finals. 6. Greek outfit. 7. Ouzo - Greek liquer. 8. Sweet chilli vegetable stir-fry. 9. Belgium Waffle. 10. Peanut stew. 11. Ben & Jerry's. 12. Red Velvet ice-cream. 13. Smoothie from local store. 14. Jacket potato with coleslaw. 15. Fried spaghetti pizza. 16. Orange and coconut French toast. 

This week was a very good week for me. As you'll probably know from my posts this week it was National Vegetarian Week so my diet-choice was getting some recognition. Also there was Eurovision, which is my favourite annual event! Just like last year me and my friends have a Eurovision party where we dressed up and ate "foreign" food (I made a Greek Salad and brought along Ouzo to drink) whilst watching it. Some of us still took it more seriously than others though :p. Have to admit I just lol at Eurovision haters & this year I had just as much fun thwarting them will my amazing Eurovision and EU knowledge. But seriously Europe is a political topic I am quite well versed in & it's better not to mess :P

On Thursday I experienced many elements of my perfect day. I had a very productive day getting on with a new blog template for this place - the current one was my very first Blogger template and it's driving me nuts! Can't stand it, links are weird when you hover on them and it just doesn't reflect what my blog is about. Saying that I am so happy with the way the new one is coming along and should hopefully have it done by the time July hits. Later on that day I went along to an art show hosted by a local art college with all the final year pieces. There was some stuff I was really impressed by including the chairs which are pictured that I was so tempted to buy! There was so many amazing art and design there though also some really pretentious stuff which I just don't consider art (like broken bottles). Then we winded down at a restaurant called Madina Bar & Grill which despite it's name really tickled my vegetarian taste buds - even spotted halfway through that my the vegetable sweet chilli stir-fry could have easily been vegan as well. Though dessert definitely wasn't vegan with the cream and ice-cream. Also summer has completely hit which is great for me as the weather really effects my mood and motivation. 

Also in my own kitchen I attempted a few new dishes this week: fried spaghetti pizza, orange and coconut French toast and peanut stew. All of which were a bit strange when they first entered my mouth however when I went back to them later I thoroughly enjoyed them. Sometimes you just have to let your taste buds adjust before throwing it away!

I finished my last ever university work almost two weeks ago now but because I was a hyperactive dorky student association involved type student (who is also still employed by the university!) I'm still to completely wrap up. Tomorrow I'll have a mock interview as part of my Principle's Award for recognition for doing something above and beyond my degree whilst at university. 

I'm away to a SlutTalk tonight which is a spin-off of the SlutWalk for a bit of feminist ranting. Downside to this weather is that I can't go anywhere with a guy not tooting his horn or saying a lewd remark as if I'm wearing a dress for his benefit rather than I like dresses & would sweat to death if I wore jeans. 

How was your week lovelies? I promise I'll be back to normal next week and not rant on about being meat free ;)

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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