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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

In This Week

1. Me at work. 2. Cork stuck in the wine bottle 3. Mexican eggs for breakfast. 4. Study cookie 5. Chives growing in. 6. Started reading again 7. My TV guilty pleasure 8. Final coursework ever. 9. Eurovision costume arrived 10. Bringing my own bag to the shop 11. Blowing bubbles in the bath. 12. Found cards from my very first university talk

This week, as mentioned, was the date of my final coursework deadline ever. I'm over the high now however and it's back to other projects before I leave Dundee. I was a really over-active dorky student type who was "involved" so today saw me back in the library finishing off some "extra-curricular" projects. 

Next week however will see the biggest annual event in my life: Eurovision. I get really excited every year and this one is no different. Eurovision is almost like every interest I have combined: pop culture, really bad pop music, costumes, theatre, international relations, the European Union and if you have a Eurovision party then fancy dress and food! I can't think of anything better. My costume arrived today and I'm really chuffed with it - I'm choosing to go as Greece and I'm praying they get past the semi-final. Though I will admit I'm rooting for Denmark - I just see going as Greece as an excuse to each non-student budget friendly cheese and fresh olives. If I ever went to Greece instead of sight-seeing I would just eat! Lots. 

Other food news (there's always food in these posts!) I finally got around to planting my chives a fortnight ago and now they're growing through! When I eventually get a garden I'd love to get all green-fingered and have my own vegetables patch and greenhouse. Cheaper in the long run and also helps with waste as I'll only pick when I need to. I'd also really love some chickens. If moving back to my parents becomes a long term thing I'm going to try and convince them to grow something more exciting than parsley. I understand that chickens are out the question. 

Also the blowing bubbles in the bath thing? Baths are what help me rewind and blowing bubbles cheer me up so I decided to combine the two! Certainly a pick me up, even if it would raise looks from others.

Also tomorrow is exactly one month until I'll be setting foot on African soil. And tomorrow will mark the one month before I live out one of my life dreams: shark diving!

Hope you've all had a lovely week!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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