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In This Week

This week has seen me go back home and back, try some new and delicious foods, some great wine, vote in the local council elections, have a job interview and say goodbye to my mum who is away to Zambia for six weeks and then me and my dad will join her in Livingston (the one in Zambia, not Midlothian).

This week in Dundee there was the International Food Festival. It's certainly not as big as the ones in Aberdeen or Glasgow but I still found myself in awe. I stopped by the Greek stall to get my fix of real olives, garlic and feta cheese. I'm not lying when I say it was a fix! I also had a banana crepe but I did feel as if I had tried better at other food festivals. There was also some handmade goods going about and a burger stall with zebra and other exotic meats (if that's your thing, it's not really mine!). 

I popped back home for a trip caused by a combination of voting (but I ended up voting in Dundee), my dad's birthday and my mum leaving for Zambia for her volunteering. For my readers who are students you should know that you can vote in both your term-time and home-time address at council elections. It's not widely known and I didn't even know until two weeks before registration deadline. Dundee mucked it up and cancelled out my Aberdeenshire vote and it was too late to do much about it. So if you're still planning to be a student come the next council elections swot up on this!

My parents live in a village not far outside of Aberdeen which for the most part doesn't excite me as I am a bona fide city gal but something that is so good about there is having a good run or cycle without having to be disturbed. There's an old railway line about 1/4 mile from the centre and the only people you tend to meet are other runners, cyclist or dog walkers. Heaven! Was also really good to have some exercise; felt so good for the rest of the day. 

My mum is now in Zambia doing some volunteering after retiring after 30 years on the NHS. Don't want to sound like a parent who thinks the world revolves around their kid but I am really proud of my mum right now. Me and my dad will be meeting up with her near the Victoria Falls but we'll be going by Cape Town first which has been on my must-visit places for ages! Also whilst there I will (hopefully) be fulfilling my life time dream of shark diving. A few intricacies have to be arranged first but I am at the point of pinching myself to see if this is real and if it really is going to happen soon! It's an amazing feeling.  ♥

Also need to talk about food, as it is my passion! This week I re-tried Mango and Noodle Salad which was just amazing. It was made with a peanut sauce which was just to die for! Also made for the first time Mushroom and Chashew Nut Pasta which again was delicious. Wish cashews were a bigger part of my diet now. I did have some not so delicious food in terms of ready-meals which were just what my parents had - could have easily been my first ready meal this year. I actually couldn't finish one of them it was so fake tasting! I am a complete food snob by my own admition.

Also in there is a bottle of wine I drank whilst watching Question Time. It was by far one of the best wines I have ever tried, with emphasis on the ever. I can't seem to find anything online with the exact label but this Tesco wine certainly sounds like it could be the same wine. If you like wines pink and fruity then this is for you too!

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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