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Month In Review: March

Month in Review is when I look back at the New Years Resolutions I made at the ring of the bells. This year I have given each month a theme to dedicate my self-improvement towards.

March's theme was my style.
"Not starting your style re-vamp until March? Okay? The reason for waiting until March is 1) it's not the most important element of happiness in the grand scheme of things and 2) the change of season that happens here means that I'll be needing to start purchasing my spring/summer wardrobe anyway. I'm currently sitting with a strip of hair dyed red because of a strand test so this isn't going to be a big change via the month of march. But as I said it's a deadline. I have been meaning to get a piercing for ages and this year I want to make it happen - by March 31st I should have either a new piercing round my ears (probably tragus) or a nipple piercing."

Because of my camera purchase my February goal was rolled into my March one as well - which was buy some essential purchases I had been meaning to for a while which were not as exciting as say, necklaces and baking equipment. However the beginning of March also hit me with an issue. It had turned out that prior to the start of the academic year I had filled out my dad's income incorrectly on my student funding application, and thus, I'm now getting the bare minimum amount. Which meant my income dropped, well, by a lot. 

I've chosen a picture of my iPod because truthfully this was the one of the few things I did embark on. Aside from the odd dress here and there or a new piece of jewllery the only thing that happened this month that helped me achieve my goal was finally purchasing some new ITunes music and getting my iPod up to date instead of pulling up YouTube on my phone (which certainly drains the battery). 

So I've got some nice new tunes :) But my mind has been elsewhere this month, and rightly so. I've also been hit with some serious campaigning and also having to deal with the fact that in the last few days someone I thought would be a lifetime friend has decided otherwise.  I've had loads of coursework, as per normal for a final year student. 

Next month may truthfully be a lot of the same. 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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