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Month In Review: April

Month in Review is where I sit down with those pesky resolutions and decide how far I've gotten with them all. Each month has a theme that I'm meant to stick to, but naturally that doesn't happen all that often...

This months theme was to start my final coursework preparations now instead of waiting until May rolled in. I only have one coursework left and I am proud to say I have started it, albeit yesterday. It's hard to believe that it is just this 4000 words that stands between me and my degree. After that it's all over; and I'm not lying when I say I'm glad. Whilst entering the 9-5 is terrifying I am done with academia! I don't foresee any Masters or postgraduate courses in my future! Maybe the odd college course to "top-up" a skill but no more essays for me thankyouverymuch!

Due to some financial difficulties in March I wasn't able to keep on track of all my monthly plans however this year my "general" resolutions have been going very well!

Be more "interestingly vegetarian"
Gone are the days of eating cheese pizzas! Just today my mum was talking to me about my trip home next week and proudly she had said she remembered to buy me vegetable fingers. Which I don't eat anymore. Why? I now know how to cook a variety of vegetarian dishes - with me even branching out into my own recipes! Expect a new type of blog series coming soon, or even my own dedicated food blog!

No ordering takeaway pizza no matter how lazy I feel (£12 for a pizza? No thanks!)
When I do eat junk it's home-cooked junk!

Learn to stand my ground
Still needs some work. I still give off a "cute" edge to many so it's now a case of making sure people realise that I'm being serious when I raise my voice. And not letting my physical appearance allow people to assume I don't mean business

Don't take on anymore projects
If you were sitting with me right now you'd see me shuffling my feet and looking at the ceiling. I took on a new project in late February that saw me re-designing the website of a local mental health organisation which has been a lot of work. Mainly because the people involved don't have a scooby about marketing (they work in mental health as do my parents and I barely trust my parents with Microsoft Word) plus me and the designer had issues finding a programmer. But it's back on track and it's directly related to what I want to do post-graduation. So there! 

Get to bed earlier even if I don't have to be anywhere the next day! 
Work in progress....

How has your April been?
Morag x

morag | mo adore
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