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In This Week

This week have been plentiful. On Tuesday night I went out with my dance girls to a lovely little cafe Lily & Stone which was a much needed break from studying and essay writing! I just have the final part of my honours project left which is on the impact of the Human Resource of an organisations competitive sustainability. HR isn't the dryest of business areas but having been stuck with an honours project instead of a dissertation where I get to pick my topic makes me regret my degree choice.

On Wednesday I was also out for a friends birthday. I was only planning to go out for a few at the first bar but was talked into going to Liquid and ended up there in my regular day clothes. It was hardly my gym attire but I still felt a bit out of place in my vain little way against the girls in dresses and heels. 

I've also found a new food obsession. Every time I make something with a tomato sauce, such as a casserole, I had Tabasco Sauce. Not as spicy as say turmeric, but still gives an extra kick. 

Also, not in the photos because my main PC if effing up and my DLSR pictures are there, I also made some gooey fudge brownies this week and have finally planted my windowsill chives! If I ever own my own house and garden there would be a dedicated vegetable patch! My dad has liked the idea of growing our own food (we have a few herbs being grown in the garden) but as my dad has back issues a full on greenhouse is out the question. I had an ex who's parents even had chickens and I was really jealous! 

How has your week been?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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