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In this Week

This week has been very food related! And exam related. Been so busy with exams that the only interesting thing I've been doing is making myself my usual home cooked meals! Something that is interesting about this week's food is how vegan it's all been! I've been drinking soya milk for a while now but having a Tesco shop with someone who eats meat but is curious about the vegetarian/vegan ways wanted a tour of the "free-from" section and that's when I discovered the soya cream from Alpro which I have to say is brilliant and I wouldn't have even realised it wasn't from a cow once it was in my food. I made sweetcorn soup with it, something I make on the regular, and my tastebuds couldn't tell the difference!

This week was also the week I realised that there had been a shop in Dundee all along where I could've bought all the vegan foods I need to do some vegan baking. There was vegan chocolate, soya cheese, soya whipped cream, Tofutti cream cheese and soya ice-cream, as pictured (which was lovely and gets the thumbs up!). All this on a street I used to live on and never spotted. Frustrating but glad I finally found all the ingredients needed to make vegan cakes! Also found in this store was the coconut water, which I had been wanting to try for a while but truthfully it wasn't at all nice. If you can keep it refrigerated at all times then it's pleasant but the minute is loses its coldness it's quite frankly "rank".

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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