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Blogs You Might Be Surprised To Know I Read

My blog is quite of the mixed niche variety. Which means very little of life goes uncovered. I post what I wear, what I eat, personal and professional developments, where I've travelled and just general ramblings. But occasionally some topics do slip under the radar. Did you know that I find the games industry one of the most interesting industries there is? Or that I spend large chunk of my days getting my knickers in a twist over gender-politics? Or that despite my assertions that kids aren't really all that "me" I still read mummy blogs? You maybe didn't because I don't really cover these on my fashion/veggie/self-reflective blog. 

But here I introduce some of my favourite blogs that do!

Bleubird Vintage
I'm not all that keen on kiddies but oh my isn't her blog so lovely? Isn't the clothes her kids have so lovely? Isn't their lunches so lovely? I think the way James is raising her kids is all round so lovely. I love the study rooms she has for her kids. I love their clothes. I love that she feeds them simplified versions of adult food instead of pre-made tinned stuff.  I also love that she was one hot pregnanat lady

I discovered Glasgow Caledonia's careers blog due to my job in my own university's career service. But even if I wasn't working in this field I would still have GCU Careers on my RSS feed as it's still helped me loads in my own graduate job search, as well as providing me with useful links for my current job. 

Yes, yes, another parenting blog. I found this blog back in maybe 2007 pre-baby. However I'm still reading it despite it's shift from PHP to parenting. And a big reason for it is her focus and posts about the should be non-issue of breastfeeding in public. Her posts illustrate really well why feeding your baby in public shouldn't be an issue.

It has been stated several times that I consider myself a feminist. However I'm certainly not one of the front line feminists (something I suck at: debating!). Rachel Hill however is a front line feminist. Also been called a "bad feminist" via search terms that find her blog, resonates with me due to people confused by a baking feminist

Offbeat Empire can be broken down into: Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Mama and Offbeat Home. Admittedly weddings really aren't me so that gets ignored however I am all over Offbeat mama and Offbeat home. The later is probably less surprising as it is food related and also goes into DIY and growing your own food. But Offbeat mama is just one more of those mummy blogs I like to occasionally coo over! 

I didn't really get into games until I started university. Partially because half the people I met at this particular university were studying a course that allowed them to develop games. The other part because my own business course threw in a lot of case studies and examples from the industry. I do play games but my main interest is the industry itself. And this blog helps feed that interest.
Any blogs that you read that might surprise others?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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