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Month in Review: February

Something my lecturer posted on Twitter two weeks ago. Probably the highlight of my month. 

For anyone new, Month in Review is not a recollection of what I've done, but more how I've improved. I use it as a check on my resolutions. I gave each month for this half of the year a theme and to use it as a guide for my year.

February's Theme: Buy Those Essential Purchases
"There's been a few purchases I have been meaning to make for a while that I just haven't, mainly in the world of electronics. This includes portable charger/spare battery, shredder, external hard drive, phone case and new keyboard/mouse. Whilst hardly exciting as buying dresses these purchases need to be made so my life can remain smooth running. I'm not naive and I know this will costs some money but if I could ever just purchase half of these it make me feel more satisfied."

Unfortunetly when budgeting for my Nikon D3100 purchase I completely underestimated everything I would need to purchase that month. I didn't own wellies before my gardening project and there were some semi-professional social events that I felt slightly obliged to be at. So a lot of February was spent. saving money and not going overboard, you know, rather than spending it on things that had been on my to-buy list since I was sixteen. 

Don't get me wrong I love my new camera. It's came in brilliant for personal and professional reasons and I believe the investment is paying off. Plus, I had wanted a camera like this since I was sixteen. I just need to realise how much I spend on essentials, which is more than I thought. 

But I think it's safe to say I didn't complete this months theme, but thanks to me sticking up for myself and getting an old deposit back I'll have more money than average next month which means I can combine February and March goals together. Here's hoping. :) 

And your other resolutions?

Learn to stand my ground
Out of all my resolutions this was the one that meant the most to me. And it's the one I'm following through with most. So if you piss me off beware ;) Joke joke. I'm still an absolute wimp when it comes to standing up to people. Aside from getting my deposits back (finally!) and making it a big more publicly aware that I generally don't like certain things, or people I still have a while to go until I can line up all the people who've made me cry and tell them why, in an eloquent way of course ;) 

How's your month been dears?

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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