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© 2015 mo'adore | Content and design by Morag Lee | Powered by Blogger.

Adventures in Speed Dating

The centrepiece. Includes condoms. 

After a year and half of singledom and researching cat breeds I decided it was maybe time to put myself back out there. Last Thursday I had my first foray into the world of speed dating. For anyone new to the concept, the set out of this one was 40 guys and 40 girls, with all girls sitting at their own table (I had a corner booth to myself!) with a centrepiece with questions, love hearts and condoms! Originally having agreed to this because it was my friends fundraiser I still walked having found speed dating not as desperate/ embarrassing/time-wasting as I had originally thought. 

Some observations?

There were a variety of guy "types"
I had been thinking beforehand that the event would be full of guys that could only make it due to a lack of big game released in the previous fortnight. And with my history of attracting game programmers and my mum consequently banning me from dating any more this didn't excite me. Thankfully on the night I found programmers, scientists and sporty guys. 

The dates I was most nervous about were with guys I already knew
A guy I've known since I was seventeen was also taking part and when he came to my table he admitted he had been bursting for the toilet and used my table as a reason to go. Charming! But after he came back we had a good catch-up and he spied my tick-sheet and said "Oh! Get you! Loads of ticks!". But still, was weird having a date with a guy you placed in the friend zone years ago. 

Some questions get old. Quickly. 
If partaking in speed dating there gets a point when asking someone what they study/where they're from/what they're drinking gets mind numbing. Saying "International Management" to 40 guys in a row hurts my mouth a bit. Also my name? Yes, it's uncommon but not worthy of a three minute conversation. Not commenting upon my name is attractive. And that guy who knew my name was Gaelic for Sarah? I was close to proposing. 

There really are some small qualities that will remind you too much of an ex
I discovered during this night that there are some qualities that really do get ruined because of an ex-boyfriend. Irish accents might be cute to most but because my heart was once crushed on by an owner of this accent the second I heard an Irish twang, it was over. Also the guy who mentioned the Zeitgeist movement got the chuck immediately too. All because I had an ex who got too into it and declared that my choice of degree made me "inherently selfish". 

Telling someone your dad works in Forensic Psychiatry scares boys 
Or as I would say separates the men from the boys.

Have you ever tried speed dating? How was it? Agree with my observations? 

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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