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Month In Review: January 2012

The closest you'll ever see inside my flat ;) 

Well, well, it's take two at this series. Last year I gave up some point around July time 'cause I had outgrown many of my resolutions. This time however I came up with something a bit different in hope that this could become a regular series. 

My plan this year was to make a goal for each month, only for the first six months so that the last six months have new resolutions based on how my life pans out come mid-year. 

So what was January's plan again?

It was to sort out my living space!
Which was oh-so eloquently worded: "I've moved flat every year I've been at university and by the time you get to your fourth flat you just can't be bothered decorating and organising because you feel you'll just have to lump it away again. However, as much as I don't want to jinx it, this flat may become a bit more permanent for me, and that means I really need to make it home. Don't get me wrong it's not like I haven't unpacked it's more like I don't have any personal belongings on the walls. I want to feng shui my living room and bedroom (leaving the kitchen and bathroom out as they are mega small). I also want to add more decor to my bathroom as bringing a Sunday night bath into my routine was a mega-brilliant decision! Also within this month I want to throw out clothes that I won't/don't wear and any personal possessions that remind me of bad memories, no matter how much I once thought that I would 'get over it'."

So how has this come along then?

Well I have: -
  • Thrown out all old make-up from my bathroom
  • Any products (shower gel/shampoo) that I am currently not making my way through got put away in a cupboard
  • Re-arranged my airing cupboard (this was one serious clean out I tell you!) so that my new suitcase could fit in
  • Moved my bed so it was now feng-shui savvy and so that the heat from the radiator wouldn't bother me at night 
  • Put up new posters
  • I now have a drawer in my kitchen dedicated to cake decoration!
  • My cupcake cases are now all neatly displayed in a cupcake stand
  • My entire kitchen has been de-cluttered and re-arranged!
  • All personal files have been sorted and those that are no longer relevant have been scrapped
  • Have a dedicated "hair area" as in my last flat
  • All books are lined up at the front
  • Finally got around to throwing out some out-of-date lube (ahem!) that I hadn't touched since my last relationship ended

What haven't you done?
  • Thrown out that bag
  • Sorted out all the random cables that exist under my desk
  • Defrosted my entire freezer
  • Got into a regular cleaning routine. 
But pretty good, really? More so than most students do! 

Buying a camera this month which was circa £500 has put me back a fair bit and resulted in me not being able to do a thorough spring clean which I really wanted to do! (Number one rule when trying to make a rented place look homely: clean every last piece of dirt out of it!)

The lack of pictures this month is larger due to privacy issues! Showing you where I sleep at night is a tad creepy.

Morag x 

morag | mo adore
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