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How I Do So Much & Don't Go Insane

If you follow my blog all you'll have probably realised that I am in my final year of university, run a Cupcake Society, have a part-time job, live by myself (so need to do it all myself) and regularly cook my own food, whilst being active on many, many social media mediums.

However if you know me in real life, you'll probably know it's a bit more extensive than that. Aside from the above I also (actively) play class rep for my course, act as Head of Social Media for my uni's business society, am a member of a dance team, go above and beyond my seven hour a week job, am currently applying for jobs, take part in a few extra-curricular award schemes, currently sorting out the atrocious marketing of a mental health association, volunteer for my local Rotaract (and sort out their social media) and I've just taken on another role: Treasurer of the Vegetarian and Vegan society at my university.

Yeah, so I am busy person. I was filling in a job application yesterday and realised just how fake it all sounded. Surely not one person could fit this all in? Well, they can. And I know 'cause I do.

So how on earth?

I genuinely enjoy what I do
Whilst it does get on top of me occasionally, I enjoy all-round all the activities I partake in. I generally like my course. I enjoy my job where I get to practice specific skills for my future and feel valued. I enjoy being active within my student body and I like all the societies I am actively involved in. There have been other parts of my life where I was busy but felt drained and it was because I was busy for the wrong reasons.

I can see how this builds into my future
I want to work in social media so all these projects clear an obvious path towards a goal. I also entertain becoming self-employed/freelance at some point so running a university society is like mini-practice at being a a manager. In short, because I have a clear goal in mind it's easy to stay motivated.

I still make "me" time
Despite all this I still find a way to get away from it all and be with my own thoughts One of the major benefits of living alone is that when you have a day when everyone is being a plank you can just come home and not have to deal with more people. Also my Sunday night bath is more enjoyable without anyone hoovering right outside the bathroom door (genuinely happened whilst living at my parents).

I take good care of myself physically
No matter how busy I am I always get at least nine hours sleep (seven at exam periods). You can never do great work at 3am. I also eat well. However a luxury I also have is that I am as able-bodied as they come. I'm not allergic to anything, I don't need to inject anything or take pills daily and all my limbs are in tact. This certainly helps.

I surround myself with people in the same situation and are supportive
My closest and favourite people are those who are also the same: they like to keep busy & have ambitions too. Not saying that I wouldn't talk to you if you weren't (I do have friends who don't do much on top of uni work) but the chances of us becoming really close or me turning to you after a long day are slim. The person I spend most time around throws ideas around with me, calms me down when I over-do it and has stepped in for me when I've doubled booked myself.

I'm organised
And before anyone asks for organisation advice, I'm naturally organised. I've always been punctual, on top of things and control. No further advice here.

My job is flexible
Like the whole able-bodied thing is a luxury mostly out with most people's control. I only work office hours once a week and they don't complain when I have to miss one week. Obviously if I missed three weeks in a row I'd get the boot, but being able to change my shifts each week works well within a busy lifestyle.

I walk away from jobs that leave me drained
Not saying I would walk away half way through a project but once the project is done - I'm gone! There have been societies that I didn't feel I fitted well enough into and projects where I felt undervalued so I never returned. And from somewhere I plucked up the courage to say no second time around.

Morag x

morag | mo adore
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