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In This Week

So hello Blogland! I've not been here since the very first day of 2012 as it's been a very busy time for me! From moving back to Dundee, to completing coursework to sifting through some New Years Resolutions it's been pretty crazy in reality land!

Needless to say I'm back and pumping to go! On Tuesday I handed in both my essays (as the first picture shows). I did my coursework within my usual time frame (which is usually safe enough) but this year I totally skipped over the fact that I have so many more words to write! Within less than week to go I wrote 9000 (!!!) - that's nearly a final year dissertation! I'm still quite happy with my coursework though and fingers crossed I get good grades! (The sushi was my study food for my very final night in the library!).

Since then I've been sorting out my life and trying to sort out my flat completely ala my New Years Resolution for January of making my current flat feel like "home". So much stuff! My bed has now been feng shui-ed as well as my kitchen completely re-organised and all the random poster I had lying about now having a place on the wall. So far, so good. And the pizza is my attempt to branch out from cupcakes. If you think it looks bad you should see the Cinnamon Roles I forgot about whilst they were in the oven ;) 

And oh yes. That final picture? A new camera perhaps? Well, yes it is. I am now a proud owner of my own DSLR. Unfortunetly I have to wait on the compatible memory card I ordered yesterday before I can use it and (hopefully) that should see me using it for my next In This Week

How was your week lovelies? 

Morag x
morag | mo adore
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